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DVDs / Box Truck Sex: Street Sex 5
Avg Rating: 4.0

Description: One of the few studios that offer true and genuine arousing public sex films, BoxTruckSex is the epitome of public sex. Using a truck made from one-way mirrors with a bed and soft, carpeted floor, the couple inside the truck can easily see every stranger who is walking by. Each stranger's face isn't visible, and the truck parks in some pretty risky areas - like right next to a bus stop or driving while in the middle of traffic! The fucking couple gets the thrill of performing in public knowing that people are only a couple feet away.
Length: 162 minutes(s)
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Scenes From Box Truck Sex: Street Sex 5

Christina Shine masturbates in Public

How could we not see this busty woman walking down the sidewalk this afternoon? Wearing a short, pink crop top and tiny shorts, there's no way we could let the stunning Christina pass us by. While she's a bit reluctant to chat with us at first, we persevere, and we're soon making conversation with this lovely woman. She's on her way to work, and it gives us a perfect opportunity to chat about her salary. When we let her know that she could make as much as she does in a month - just by stepping into our truck - she doesn't hesitate!

Once this busty blonde is inside our truck, we're quick to jump straight into the photoshoot. This lovely woman takes it in stride, and she's clearly a natural in front of the camera - even as she's nervous about doing her first photoshoot. She takes direction well, and you'll love looking at all of the beautiful shots we get of this woman's body with both our camera and our video camera.

Letting her know that she'd qualify for our lingerie and erotic shoots, we convince this busty blonde to strip off her top and her short shorts. Christina continues to pose for us all over the back of our truck in her tiny pink and white bikini. Not shy about her body, she's happy to push her assets right into the camera to ensure we get all of her best angles. Yes, she'd definitely be a fantastic erotic model!

Once we open our wallets, the rest of her clothing starts to come off as well. Watch her large, impressive breasts drop out of her bra as she strips off the support, and we capture a few more photos. For even more cash, her panties drop off, and then this lovely woman is entirely exposed in the back of our truck while the city streets buzz with activity.

We want to get this sexy woman in an erotic mindset, though, and we're soon shelling out more cash to convince Christina to lay back and film a masturbation video with us. She tells us about the types of dildos she loves to masturbate with, and she shows us exactly how she touches herself at home while our camera captures every second her personal playtime.

Her personal playtime doesn't stay "personal" for long, and it doesn't take much until our crewmember is burying his head between her thighs from behind. She enjoys his mouth, but she wants to enjoy his body a bit more, and the two of them move onto the floor for some oral sex. You get a front row seat to watch this beautiful blonde woman stuff his stiff length down her throat.

He loves her busty chest, though, and she's soon laying back on the bed to push her tits together for a great tit fucking session. She has beautiful breasts for it, and they push perfectly together for cocks to slide in-between. We're sure you'd like to try it too.

With such intense foreplay, though, it doesn't take the couple long until they want to experience the main event, and he lays her back on the bed to stuff her full of his cock. The couple continues to fuck all around the back of the truck, and you'll love listening to this blonde's moans of pleasure. Enjoy the view of her thick tits bouncing with every thrust while she spreads her pussy open for even more enjoyment. Don't worry - we've captured every second with this hottie in high-definition video for you to enjoy!

The hot, passionate fucking action continues until he pulls out and feeds his cock down her throat. Watch as she strokes and sucks his length until she's rewarded with his full load straight down her throat.
Starring: Christina Shine
30 Photos, 47 minutes(s) of video
Added: Mar 23, 2017

Lydia Lust throat fucked

When we approach this beautiful Canadian woman on the streets with a request to chat with her, she's a bit put-off, but she agrees to little chat with us after confessing how attractive she finds our crewmember. With a friendly and chatty personality, this brunette agrees to come inside our truck to learn more about it. With a comfortable rapport with our crewmember, she quickly agrees to demonstrate the kickboxing skills she's been bragging about.

After demonstrating that she could kick all of our asses, the outspoken brunette moves onto taking off her pants to cool herself off. Outfitted in a bustier and flattering lavendar panties, our newest model is happily to show off her flexibility as she slides into the splits while remarking that everyone outside had better be enjoying her assets. Slipping quickly into full-body stimulation, the brunette challenges our crewmember to a wrestling match. It doesn't take long until she ends up on her back with him on top - which she quickly confesses she did on purpose.

Getting even steamier in the truck, Lydia asks if she can remove her bra and panties too - revealing the slender body she's built with her kickboxing and active personality. Proactive in getting what she wants, the sexy brunette lays back onto the bed and slips her hand between her legs to tease our crew. Her tease works perfectly, and she's soon slipping his hard cock deep down her throat. He fucks her throat as she lays back on the bed - smiling and giggling as he starts to get rougher.

Our male crewmember is quickly surprised by how tight Lydia's pussy is as he slides his fingers in. After working her a bit looser, he's still surprised to find that his entire length barely fits inside of her. Making her watch the strangers walking outside as he takes her from behind, he's quick to point out that people are probably staring because the truck is shaking. Both of them show off their athletic prowess as they fuck in intense positions, including oral 69, with a passionate and playful attitude of lovers who have known each other for years.

With a playful smile while dripping sweat and breathing heavy from their fucking, Lydia confesses that she wants our crewmember to cum directly down her throat. It's her favorite way to take it. After her confession, he grips her hair and forces her lips down his cock for a rough and intense blowjob that steams up the truck and ends with his huge load down her throat. With tears in her eyes and her face flushed with extertion, she smiles and lets us watch as she tries to fix her hair to leave the truck after that passionate session.
Starring: Lydia Lust
30 Photos, 35 minutes(s) of video
Added: Oct 26, 2016

Rye Tye fucks in public

When we stop this elegant-looking woman on the street for a quick chat, she's happy to indulge us in some of our questions. From Budapest with the polite manners to match, we quickly find out that she's looking for a job - and we're certainly willing to help! After we discuss the job options we have available, we make it clear to Rye Tye that she's going to have to convince us that she's worth hiring.

With that, we offer her the first amount of cash, and this busty brunette quickly takes off her top to expose her large, natural breasts overflowing a tiny, black bra. A little bit more money, and we have this lovely woman removing her bra and playing with her giant tits for us. More money gets her to remove her pants and thong panties with a bit of a striptease for us! If you love curvier women, you're going cum watching Rye stripping off all of her clothing for money!

Soon, she's learning how this works, and she's refusing to touch herself unless we give her more money. Once we pay up, you can hear that she's already wet as she enjoys groping her large chest with her pretty, painted fingernails between her legs. Even enjoying herself as much as she is, Rye keeps glancing around at the strangers walking around her knowing they could be looking at her at any second. If you love self-pleasure, this is going to be a scene for you as you watch this busty brunette's tits shake as she fucks herself with her own fingers.

It doesn't take our male crewmember long before he wants to be included in the action. Letting her stroke his clothed erection with her foot until he's ready to pull it out, it doesn't take long until our newest employee is on her knees in front of him. He's not too impressed with her deep throat skills, though, and soon, she's upside down with her face hanging over the couch so he can fuck her throat properly. Watch as he forces her to take his entire length over and over again as she gasps for breath in-between each thrust.

After she's proven her oral skills, our crewmember is willing to test how well her pussy performs. He takes this busty brunette in a ton of intense positions all over the casting couch and floor of our truck which is parked on the side of a busy public street. After such a rough pounding, our crewmember releases a huge load all over her face and follows it up by making her suck it clean to prove her skills.
Starring: Rye
30 Photos, 48 minutes(s) of video
Added: Oct 8, 2016

Sofia Like Proves her Worth for Future Public Erotic Photoshoots

Ready to get another girl in our truck, we head outside on this chilly day, and we're surprised to find Sofia so quickly! A beautiful Russian who's friendly and playful, we quickly talk this girl into stepping into our truck. If you love foreign accents, you're going to love our latest model! She doesn't speak a bit of English, so you'll get to listen to her lovely Russian while our crewmembers translate well enough to help you understand exactly what's going on.

Shy but friendly, this 20 year old is hoping to find a career in modeling, and when our camera comes out, she's happy to adopt some sensual poses to qualify herself to work with us. Clearly a natural in front of the camera, it's clear that she's been ready to find her place in modeling for a long time! We barely have to direct her at all. In fact, she's pulling up her dress and exposing her pantyhose and innocent, white, bikini, high-waisted panties without any direction at all.

Her clothing seems to quickly slide off, and we're recording and photographing the entire experience for you! She's soon only wearing her innocent white bra and panty set, and that comes off quickly as well! Completely comfortable with herself, she doesn't shy away from being naked in the middle of public streets - or from taking nude photos with our crewmembers. We decide to see how far that comfort level goes, and it's clear she doesn't mind being touched either! In fact, she clearly knows what she wants, and she's forward about her attraction to our crewmember.

Such a strong flirtation quickly leads to a lot of erotic foreplay, and we capture every moment as he massages her perky, natural tits and her shaved, wet pussy. Wanting to return the pleasure, Sofia soon sinks to her knees in front of him and takes his long, thick length deep into her mouth. After a lengthy blowjob that she's clearly enjoying, our crewmember bends Sofia over and slides his thick cock into her wet pussy.

Enjoy watching this tattoo'ed Russian take his cock as she stretches out on the bed while daytime traffic rushes by. Despite her pleasured moans, he clearly wants more from her, and he pulls out to lay her flat on the bed as he licks and sucks her engorged clit. After such a great warm-up, he pummels his fingers into her pussy - hitting her g-spot with every thrust. You'll get to listen to all of the sounds of her wet, juicy pussy as she lays back and enjoys the pleasure.

Thoroughly having pleasured our newest model with his mouth, he wants to continue her pleasure with other body parts. He fills up her pussy again, and you'll get to watch every second of the action in high-definition. Watch as her small, perky breasts bounce with every thrust. Enjoy the sounds of her wet pussy and her moans as she fills herself with him again and again while on top. We've captured all of the best detailed shots for you to enjoy as this couple enjoys one another all over the back of our truck! You'll even get to enjoy the ending as he pulls out to get a deep throating blowjob that causes him to shoot his load all down her throat.
Starring: Sofia Like
30 Photos, 51 minutes(s) of video
Added: Jun 5, 2016