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Teen Alexis Brill Plays with a Dildo in our Sex Truck

Though we have to jog to keep up with Alexis as she hurries past us to make it to her first class, our cardio is quickly rewarded when she turns around and agrees to talk to us as we offer her a quick ride to university in order to make it to her class in time. If you enjoy women speaking in a lovely accent, you're going to love our time with Alexis - our entire time with her is spoken in Hungarian with subtitles. A beautiful brunette, she's quick to rebuff our suggestions that she could be a perfect model - even as she's getting into our truck to film a short interview with us.

22 years old and a student, Alexis starts off our interview by answering some of our probing questions which quickly reveal that she's had sex in public on a beach before! Learning that this lovely woman has a bit of an exhibitionist streak, we soon turn up the heat in our truck, and her layers of clothing start coming off. Though she's a bit shy about what's going on, when we offer her a bit of cash just to remove her jacket, she reluctantly agrees and pockets the little bit of extra spending money.

After the first success, though, we certainly don't want to let this woman escape our grasp, though, and soon, our crewmember is offering her even more money to remove more layers of clothing - starting with her sweater. Next comes the t-shirt and the leggings. Of course, you'll get to watch as all of the negotiation happens - and as she sexily slips off every piece of clothing with the crowded sidewalk right outside the truck.

Following through with our promise to give beautiful women money, we're soon giving this beautiful brunette even more cash to remove her bra and touch our crewmember's body. She's going home with well-paid woman as we add even more money to her pile in order to remove her panties and expose her pussy and perky ass. Still shy in front of her camera as she leans back on our couch to expose her entire naked body, we're still having a hard time getting her to touch our crewmember. When we hand her a realistic toy, though, she quickly gets to work stroking herself and sliding its thin length into her pussy.

The toy was clearly all the encouragement she needed, though, and she's soon letting our crewmember do a much better job with his mouth against her pussy. Now worked up, it doesn't take long until Alexis is sliding our crewmember's cock into her mouth. Wanting to experience the best of both worlds, the two end up in the 69 position with her on top - and you'll get to enjoy all of the best views as our camera gets close into the action!

After enjoying each other's bodies for so long, it's no surprise that he wants inside her tight pussy. With her plea to please "go slowly" because of his thick length, the two of them start off in a shallow position, facing each other, and it provides a fantastic view for the camera of her breasts bouncing with every thrust. After the warm-up, the couple enjoys each others' bodies in various positions around the truck. You get to watch each one while you'll listen to the soft, breathy moans from Alexis. Soon, from driving his length into her hole over and over, he pulls out and releases a load onto her pussy. She ends the scene by licking his cock clean and getting dressed to leave the truck again.

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