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Christina Shine masturbates in Public

How could we not see this busty woman walking down the sidewalk this afternoon? Wearing a short, pink crop top and tiny shorts, there's no way we could let the stunning Christina pass us by. While she's a bit reluctant to chat with us at first, we persevere, and we're soon making conversation with this lovely woman. She's on her way to work, and it gives us a perfect opportunity to chat about her salary. When we let her know that she could make as much as she does in a month - just by stepping into our truck - she doesn't hesitate!

Once this busty blonde is inside our truck, we're quick to jump straight into the photoshoot. This lovely woman takes it in stride, and she's clearly a natural in front of the camera - even as she's nervous about doing her first photoshoot. She takes direction well, and you'll love looking at all of the beautiful shots we get of this woman's body with both our camera and our video camera.

Letting her know that she'd qualify for our lingerie and erotic shoots, we convince this busty blonde to strip off her top and her short shorts. Christina continues to pose for us all over the back of our truck in her tiny pink and white bikini. Not shy about her body, she's happy to push her assets right into the camera to ensure we get all of her best angles. Yes, she'd definitely be a fantastic erotic model!

Once we open our wallets, the rest of her clothing starts to come off as well. Watch her large, impressive breasts drop out of her bra as she strips off the support, and we capture a few more photos. For even more cash, her panties drop off, and then this lovely woman is entirely exposed in the back of our truck while the city streets buzz with activity.

We want to get this sexy woman in an erotic mindset, though, and we're soon shelling out more cash to convince Christina to lay back and film a masturbation video with us. She tells us about the types of dildos she loves to masturbate with, and she shows us exactly how she touches herself at home while our camera captures every second her personal playtime.

Her personal playtime doesn't stay "personal" for long, and it doesn't take much until our crewmember is burying his head between her thighs from behind. She enjoys his mouth, but she wants to enjoy his body a bit more, and the two of them move onto the floor for some oral sex. You get a front row seat to watch this beautiful blonde woman stuff his stiff length down her throat.

He loves her busty chest, though, and she's soon laying back on the bed to push her tits together for a great tit fucking session. She has beautiful breasts for it, and they push perfectly together for cocks to slide in-between. We're sure you'd like to try it too.

With such intense foreplay, though, it doesn't take the couple long until they want to experience the main event, and he lays her back on the bed to stuff her full of his cock. The couple continues to fuck all around the back of the truck, and you'll love listening to this blonde's moans of pleasure. Enjoy the view of her thick tits bouncing with every thrust while she spreads her pussy open for even more enjoyment. Don't worry - we've captured every second with this hottie in high-definition video for you to enjoy!

The hot, passionate fucking action continues until he pulls out and feeds his cock down her throat. Watch as she strokes and sucks his length until she's rewarded with his full load straight down her throat.

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