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Aida Sweet Pushes her Panties to the Side to get Fucked

We lucked out today! While parking our truck to pick up some supplies, we catch this lovely raven-haired beauty walking across the parking lot. We quickly call for her attention, and she comes over to talk with us. Though she's already running late for a hair appointment, she agrees to hop into our truck when we mention the heated interior - and the fact that we'll pay her for just ten minutes of her time.

A stunning Romanian, Aida warms up to our conversation topics as she physically warms up inside the warmth of our truck. The young woman agrees to answer some of our questions, and of course, our questions quickly turn to a sexual nature. We learn a lot about this 21-year-old - including that she's enjoyed sex with women before, is a dancer, and she has large, natural breasts. Of course, we had to verify her statement, and this playful woman bets us that they're real - and we're happy to accept the bet to watch her remove her top.

Clearly attracted to our male crewmember, Aida is quickly agreeing to a kiss - and even comes back for seconds. Those seconds quickly turn into an impromptu make-out session, and soon, she's even taking off her lace bra to fully expose herself in the middle of a busy mall parking lot. Turned on, this raven-haired beauty doesn't object when our crewmember pulls out his length and asks her to taste it. Watch as she sucks him off while keeping eye contact with the camera.

Excited for the action, this busty woman soon removes her jeans to reveal her matching lace thong. Clad in only her thong, enjoy the up-close shots as he fucks her ample tits - and then moves straight into laying her down on the couch to slide himself into her wet pussy. Watch as this attractive couple fucks with her tiny piece of panties just pushed off to the side.

When our cameraman suggests opening the couch into a bed to enjoy the extra space, the panties come off, and she goes back to being pounded. Watch her huge, natural breasts jiggle with every thrust as he fucks her hard enough to make the bed squeak. Soon, Aida is on top, and you'll get the perfect angle as you watch her impale herself on his thick length over and over.

Soon, Aida hops off of his lap to lick her own taste off of his thick length as she gives him another blowjob. It doesn't take long until our crewmember is saying he's going to cum, and Aida opens her mouth and takes his entire load down her throat.

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