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Tattooed Aisha Shows off her Blowjob Skills

From the first few moments that we meet Aisha, we quickly fall in love. Her playful demeanor and flirtaceous laugh are infectious, and she quickly discloses that she's pursuing a career in modeling. No wonder she's so comfortable in front of our camera! We introduce ourselves and tell her about what we're doing, and she agrees to step into our truck - especially to escape the chilly weather!

Once she's inside the truck, we lay it on her thick: we're looking to interview her to learn about her sex life. Though a little taken aback, this lovely blonde seems down for the challenge, and she quickly accepts to answer our questions. You'll learn about the first time she had sex, the most interesting place she's had sex, how easily she orgasms, what type of guys she likes, one of her unfilled fantasies, how often she masturbates, what piercings she has, and what tattoos she has. She even takes a break from answering our questions to take off her shirt and bra to show us the entirety of the back tattoo she has. Even though she's used to modeling for a camera, she still looks around nervously at the people walking around the truck. It's clear our truck is definitely a new environment!

Despite her nervousness, the clothes come off quickly once she starts kissing our crewmember, and she's soon laying on her back on the bed as he licks her pussy. Though you'll enjoy listening to her pleasured moans as she enjoys his tongue, you'll love watching as she gets on her knees and slides his length down her throat even more. Clearly skilled with her mouth, Aisha loves performing for the camera as she takes every inch of his cock over and over. Despite her focus on her oral skills, she can't help but glance around her as people walk by the truck - or get too close. Wanting to keep her focused, though, our crewmember pushes her onto the bed, and she climbs on top for a 69 position. Now she won't be able to focus on anything but us!

The intense foreplay quickly turns into more, and he's soon sliding his thick length into her wet and shaved pussy. We don't let you miss a second of the action, and you'll enjoy high-definition video of all of the positions they get into in the back of our truck! Watch her natural tits bounce with every thrust - even as she grips onto the walls of the truck to support herself. Her long, blonde hair flows as she gets filled over and over, and she even has the peace of mind to wave to the passerbys outside. Listen to her soft, pleasured moans while her ass shakes when she's pounded and spanked. Even enjoy a Point of View camera shot of her luscious ass as our crewmember takes her from behind! The scene ends as she's taken his fill of her sexy body and pulls out to shoot a huge load all over her bare pussy while the truck drives down the city streets.

Starring:  Aisha
Tags:  Blondes, Blowjob, Cum on Pussy, Doggystyle, Fingering, Licking, Missionary, Sex adventures in Budapest, Tattoos, XXX Casting

Date Added: Jun 10, 2016

Video Length:

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