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Angelina Wild Enjoys 69 with the Masseur

Even though we're enjoying the weather on this fine day and happy to search around to find the perfect woman to invite back into our truck, we happen upon Angelina relatively quickly. Walking and texting, we stop her to chat as soon as she gets near us. A bit suspicious of our intentions, we decide to delve into our pitch quickly. We let her know that she could have a free massage in exchange for hopping into the back of our truck and letting us film it. She doesn't seem interested at first, and we have to chase her down as she walks past us, but with a bit more convincing, she agrees to check out the truck and decide after she's inside.

Once this beautiful raven-haired woman steps into our truck, she finds herself impressed by the truck - and smiling broadly at our crewmember who will be acting as the masseuse today. Now that she's inside, she's all smiles and very happy to be given this offer. We want to work with her excitement, and we're quickly offering her a bra and panty set to change into. Angelina strips naked in the back of our truck - all while trying to cover herself with a towel because she's worried everyone outside can see her naked body.

Because of her shyness, getting dressed takes a bit longer than we've seen with other girls, but once she's ready, she's happy to lie down, facedown, on our bed for her massage. Once she's in position, she's ready to enjoy her massage - and even happy to have her bra quickly undone from her back to expose all of her back to our crewmember's hands. Angelina is very giggly - erupting into a fit of laughter every time a large group of people walks by her nearly-naked body.

Clearly comfortable with his hands, our latest model doesn't seem bothered when his hands go closer to her sensitive areas - she only laughs and relaxes even further. He knows she's ready, and his hands directly touch her pussy, and her pleasured moans show that she loves it! His fingers soon slip inside her pussy, and he's using his mouth to pleasure her while his fingers work inside at her most sensitive areas. She soon discovers that he knows exactly what he's doing as he hits some of her best spots over and over while she lays back and enjoys the attention.

After using his hands and mouth, he wants to truly experience her body with his own, and he slides up next to her to slip his thick length into her wet pussy. The couple enjoys making out as he fucks her, and he adds to her pleasure as he touches her clit while he fills her up.

This passionate couple soon takes a break from the fucking to enjoy each other orally in a 69 position as he dives his mouth into his pussy while she slips his length all the way down her throat. Our camera captures some of the best angles in high-definition as these two pleasure each other at the same time.

The added bit of foreplay only turns them on more, and Angelina is soon climbing back on top of him to slip his length into her wet hole. Watch her tight pussy slide up and down as she fucks herself with his length. Her natural breasts bounce with every thrust, and we capture the perfectly pleasured look on her face while she rides his cock for her own pleasure.

After getting her fill, she pulls off of his length and slides his cock down her throat. From the lavishment of her talented mouth, he shoots his load right onto her tongue.

Starring:  Angelina Wild
Tags:  69, Blowjob, Licking, Massage Gone Wild, Piercing, Sex adventures in Budapest, Tattoos

Date Added: Jun 2, 2016

Video Length: 42:44

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