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Bella Beretta Wears her Glasses and gets Pounded

We're back at one of our favorite spots looking for hot women to invite into our truck. Bella makes it easy, though. Already window shopping at a nearby store, she's instantly in our sights as soon as we drive up. We make small chat with the beautiful Bella, and she remarks that she wishes she had enough money to purchase the bag in the window. This is our perfect opening! We let her know that we're looking for models, and we tell her that we'd be able to pay her for stepping into our truck for a few quick photos.

After a bit of convincing, she agrees to check it out, and this 20 year old sits on the bed inside of our truck. We love flirting with this brunette, and we learn quite a bit about her. She's a computer engineering student at the local university, and she's enjoying the single life. Listen as she talks about losing her virginity, some of her sexual adventures, how often she has sex in a week, whether she's been with women before, and where her tattoos are.

We've developed a playful rapport with this beautiful brunette, and she's soon going along with our requests. We offer up a ton of money - just for her shirt - and like a great business woman, she strips off her shirt. In fact, to get closer to her perky breasts, we offer to slip another bill into her bra, and she agrees. Her playful nature expands even further, and she offers to unhook her bra - and let our crewmember take it off for her.

Her playful nature only extends so far, though, and we're soon having to fork out more cash in order to get her to strip off her pants and kiss our crewmember. You'll definitely agree it was worth it when you see her pink and purple thong panties. Clearly comfortable with her body, she doesn't even express concern over all over all of the strangers walking right past her almost-naked body. She knows her price, though, and when our crewmember wants to do even more with her, she says she'd consider it - for the right price. Luckily, we brought a lot of money today, and we certainly don't undervalue this attractive brunette.

Bella is soon stroking his length through his jeans, and soon, the jeans strip off, and she's jerking off his cock. She's very good at it, and our crewmember has absolutely no problem complimenting her on her technique - and then rewarding this brunette by diving his head between her own thighs.

Clearly wet and ready after his oral skills, they joke around before he slides his length into her pussy. Their entire session is filled with friendly banter as the two of them joke around playfully. A little bit of fucking leads her to want to try more from him, and he pulls out while she gets on her knees in front of him to lick off her own juices from his cock. Bella loves being in front of her camera, and she continually makes eye contact with the device - and with our crewmember.

After the quick break, she wants to go back to being filled with his length, so she climbs on top. Enjoy watching as this brunette impales herself again and again on his length. The joking banter continues as she fucks him, and we get some of the best camera angles of her ass and pussy for you to enjoy. This sexy woman keeps her glasses on for the entire scene, and you're going to love looking at her face while she gets hammered over and over again. He loves looking at those glasses too, and he wants to decorate her frames in a mess of cum as he pulls out and jerks himself off before covering her face with his entire load.

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