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Cecilia Scott's porn casting in Public

Though we get a slow start to our afternoon, the day begins to pick up when we come across the gorgeous Cecilia walking along the sidewalk in a group of people. We capture her attention, and our crewmember goes to work chatting her up while the camera watches from the van. While she seems a bit nervous at first, the lovely blonde agrees to come into the truck after we let her know that she'd be a perfect candidate to earn some money modeling for us.

Once this stunning woman is inside our truck, we quickly jump straight into the casting photos. A natural in front of the camera, she easily takes directions, and you'll get to watch as this lovely blonde gets in some sensual poses right in front of the busy sidewalks and the streets. Not shy about her body, Cecilia has no problem getting into some of the more erotic poses that we ask for without any hesitation!

As the photoshoot continues, we want to see more of this woman's exposed skin, and we let her know that she won't qualify for any bikini shoots until we can see her in her bra and lingerie. Our argument works, and this woman is soon pulling off her shirt and pants right inside the truck! Getting undressed for us is clearly turning her on. When we ask her to remove her bra, she does it with no hesitation, and our crewmember takes it as a sign to start kissing and fondling her breasts. She instantly relaxes into the pleasure, and it's clear she's wanted this all along.

Soon, her panties are sliding off, and you'll get a front row seat while he pleasures her pussy with his talented fingers and tongue. After doing such a good job touching her body, she soon wants to return the favor, and his jeans are unzipped while she reaches into his pants to stroke his hard length. After feeling how excited he is, she wants more, and his clothing is pulled down for her to slide his length straight down her throat! Enjoy the view of her beautiful, fingered pussy while she takes every inch that she can. We bet you want to see her taken to her limit, and she's soon on her knees being roughly face fucked, and she takes that cock like a champion.

Wanting to reward this sexy blonde for a job well done, she's laid back on the bed and filled with his length. Enjoy listening to her pleasured moans as she grips the sheets of the bed in passion. Watch her small tits bounce with every thrust as they enjoy a lot of adventurous positions all over the back of our truck while people walk by only a few feet away. The truck steams up as these two continue to fuck roughly all over every surface of our truck, and you're going to love watching all of the action in high-definition video - especially as her curvy ass jiggles with every thrust. The scene ends after he pulls out during a passionate fucking and shoots his load all over her shaved and swollen pussy.

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