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Jemma Valentine makes her ex jealous

After a long day of searching the city streets for the perfect woman to invite into our truck, our day got a bit brighter when we saw the lovely blond Jemma coming our way. While she was suspicious of us at first, this Canadian quickly warmed up to us as we introduced ourselves and what we were doing. It turns out this lovely woman has broken up with her boyfriend during their vacation here in the city, and she's eager to jump into our truck once we let her know that we can help her get over the break-up by seeing the sights of this beautiful city.

It's this beautiful blonde who brings up the idea of photographing herself in the van. She wants to make her ex-boyfriend jealous with a couple of sexy photos that show him exactly what he's missing. We're happy to help her out, and we're soon moving onto taking photos with our crewmember next to this lovely woman as she gets more comfortable in the truck. To warm her up to our touches even further, we offer her a massage, and you'll get to watch as this young woman relaxes into our crewmember's touches. As she loses her pants to expose her see-through panties, our crewmember's massage will show you her most intimate details - in full detail through the camera.

Though she seems a bit reluctant to be getting undressed in a truck with a man she just met, his hands soon touch her pussy and melt away most of her excuses. As his talented hands slip inside her and hit her g-spot and you get to watch her ass jiggle with every movement, she doesn't seem to be able to stop herself from moaning. Unlike most of our women, Jemma was in such a hurry to feel his fingers that she's almost fully clothed as she experiences his talents! If you love the beautiful sight of an exposed pussy while most of her body is still covered in sexy clothing, you're going to love this scene!

Soon, his fingers give way to his tongue as he licks her most sensitive areas with our camera capturing all of the action. As he's done such a great job touching her pussy, it's no surprise that Jemma quickly wants to return the favor as she loses some of her clothing and takes his length down her throat. A pro with her tongue, she's soon taking him deep into her mouth and applying her oral attention to all of his erogenous areas - including his balls and ass.

You'll soon discover that she's just as talented at riding a cock. Enjoy watching as she climbs onto his length and our crewmember even has to slow down because she's about to make him shoot his load already! You'll get the best close-up shots as these two fuck in different positions around our truck with each thrust pulling a pleasured moan from Jemma's throat. Listen as she talks dirty and describes exactly how his cock makes her feel.

After fucking such a great girl, it's no surprise that our crewmember has to shoot his load - and you'll get to watch as her pussy is covered in the cum she's been working so hard to earn.

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