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Laurita shows her shaved pussy and perky ass

Our journey today leads us to a pretty busy intersection where we find the lovely Laurita walking down the street on her way to work. As a waitress at a local restaurant, she confesses that she doesn't make much there, and we jump straight into our own offer. We let her know that we have our truck with us right now, and we could pay her to hop into our truck and model with us. Though it takes a bit of convincing to get her to step into the truck, she finally agrees to see what the fuss is.

In the truck, we introduce Laurita to our photographing crewmember, and we chat her up to learn a bit about her. 21 years old and a Hungarian, it's clear that Laurita has never done much modeling. However, we're patient, and we slowly teach her some of the best ways to pose her body for our camera. Once we get her in front of the camera, after explaining our possible lingerie and swimsuit work, we let her know that she'll have to strip off the dress. While she stops to think about it for a second, Laurita agrees to strip off her skintight dress once our crewmember opens his wallet and pulls out a bit of cash.

After taking a few more shots with us in just her bra and panties, we want to see even more of this beautiful woman's skin. After he opens his wallet once again and pulls out more cash, this brunette agrees to strip off her bra and expose her petite chest. Even more money, and she's pulling off her lace panties to expose her shaved pussy and perky ass!

Once she's laying naked on all fours on our bed, it's no surprise that things turn more intimate - and quickly! Our crewmember can't help himself, and with his camera still around his neck, he takes his chance to dive his face into her pussy. Laurita doesn't object, and she's soon enjoying the full attention of his mouth and hands as the video camera captures every second of the pleasure he gives her. Watch him dive his tongue deep into her folds as she spreads her legs out as far as she can.

After enjoying all of his talents, she wants to show off her own, and she kneels before him to take his length into her mouth. Enjoy watching her take his hardness as far down his throat as possible while she uses her hands to bring pleasure to every inch that he offers.

His length thoroughly slickened, they want to move onto the main event. She lays back and spreads her legs and waits to be filled by his thick length. You'll enjoy watching these two fuck roughly enough that their bodies are shining with sweat. Enjoy every second of their passionate sex in high-definition video as they switch up positions and explore each other's bodies in new ways. The scene ends as he pulls out and shoots his load all over her perky butt.

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