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Lili Peterson gets a full-body massage

Looking for a bit of a challenge, we decide to hit up a local romantic tourist spot to see if we can find a couple with a willing woman to invite back into our truck. We let her know about the free massages we're giving back in our truck - as long as Lili agrees to be filmed during her entire experience. While her boyfriend seems a bit annoyed about our intrusion, he lets his girlfriend make her own decision – and she's interested!

Once Lili is back in our truck, it's clear that she isn't particularly shy. She doesn't ask us to turn around after we hand her massage clothing, and in fact, she seems quite comfortable talking to our crew while she strips off all of her clothing. While her boyfriend waits right outside the truck, this blonde climbs onto our massage bed, lays on her back, and awaits the talented hands of our crewmember. After he's applied the oil, he jumps straight into his massage, and he enjoys working the kinks out of her arms and abdomen before Lili flips over and exposes her ass and back for massaging.

Despite her boyfriend attempting to peer in the truck and knocking on the glass, Lili finds herself missing her panties - and she makes no attempt to stop our crewmember. She requests a full-body massage, and of course, we're very happy to oblige! As our latest model seems comfortable letting our guy massage her exposed ass and pussy, we know it's time to make things a bit more exciting, and he pulls out a realistic vibrator. The tip of the vibrator teases the entrance of her hole, and it seems she loves it, so we take it to the next level as our crewmember pushes the toy into her butt.

After taking the toy into her ass, he decides to pleasure her further, and the vibrator goes into her pussy while he fingers her clit. Soon, he replaces the vibrator with his own length, and she gets pushed into the bed while he fills her hole over and over. You'll enjoy watching her tits bounce with every thrust as she gets pounded only feet away from where her own boyfriend is waiting outside.

Once she's had her fill of taking it in her wet hole, she wants to enjoy the feeling of having her ass filled to the max. While he fucks her ass over and over, she touches her clit and enjoys the orgasmic pleasure in multiple places. You'll love listening to this blonde's short, breathy gasps of pleasure. She's clearly open and ready for anything. In fact, while she's getting fucked in the butt, she reaches over and grabs the vibrator from earlier, and she slides its length into her pussy for double penetration - and you'll get to watch every second of her hardcore sex in public in high-definition!

Using every one of her holes, after satiating her desire to be filled over and over with his length, she pulls off of him and slides his cock down her throat where she strokes him off until he shoots his entire load.

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