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Mira Cuckold Agrees to her First Public Porn Shoot

When we first discover Mira walking the rainy streets of Budapest, she's clearly dressed to please! Her women's business suit and her high heels show that she's in a hurry to go to work. In fact, she tries to walk away from us, but we perservere. When we let her know it'd only take a few minutes of her time to help us out with our photoshoot, though, this glasses-wearing brunette agrees to step into our truck.

Inside our truck, Mira is clearly amazed! She can't help but constantly look around at the busy city streets all around her. Still young at 24 years old, our latest model is clearly happy - and nervous - to be the center of attention. While she requires a lot of input to get the exact poses we're looking for, she's happy to work with us. In fact, unlike many of the women that make it into our truck, when we let her know that we need to see her in her bra and panties to qualify for our lingerie and bikini shoots, she's quick to agree! She's okay in front of the camera, but this business woman continues to look outside the truck out of nervousness; she's always worried someone can see her exposed body! As the photoshoot continues, we even get some dedicated shots of her small, dainty feet with perfectly manicured toes!

Miss Cuckold is beautiful in her lingerie, and we know she's going to be even hotter when she's naked. After our crewmember opens his wallet and slides out some cash, she agrees to strip off her bra and panties. It was totally worth it! You'll love admiring her perky breasts and her athletic body - all while she keeps on her beautiful eyeglasses! Soon, the gig is up, though. Mira starts to get annoyed about our hidden agenda, and she asks us upfront: what is it we want? We're straight-forward with her when we tell her that we thought she'd be perfect for an erotic movie. While she's incredulous at first, she confesses that she loves sex - and when our crewmember pulls out a massive stack of money to seal the deal, Mira agrees to our proposal.

Though she's clearly nervous about making her first erotic movie, she's happy to follow directions, and the beautiful brunette is soon making out with our crewmember while stroking his length. Her hands turn into more, and she's soon bending over his lap to take his length into her mouth. She doesn't have to suck long, however, until our crewmember wants to reward her diligence by sliding his face between her thighs. His lips soon turn into his fingers, and he's massaging her wet pussy as she strokes him off at the same time.

Once he has her pussy wet and begging for more, he replaces his fingers with his length, and our latest model gets fucked against the edge of the couch. She's clearly taking well to her latest paying job as she moans and thrusts back to meet him with every thrust. She enjoys the attention our crewmember pays to every inch of her body including her feet and breasts. Foot fetishists, you'll especially love the extra attention to pays to her soft, feminine feet. She asks for his cock even harder, and he takes her demands to heart as his thrusts turn to passionate, rough poundings. You even get to watch as Mira gets on top and rides his cock while a traffic jam happens right outside the truck! We promise, you'll love watching this couple fuck as we capture every second of the action in high-definition video.

Their passionate scene must come to an end, though, and it ends as Mira jerks off our crewmember until he shoots his load all over her ample breasts.

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