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Olivia Jager gets a butt massage

When we come across this beautiful Russian walking along the street in a hurry to her next appointment, it's impossible not to stop her. Though she's in a hurry, she enjoys stopping to chat with our crewmember. With her friendly personality, she regularly bursts into giggles while chatting and learning about the free massages we're giving out. Once she learns that we have a talented masseuse, she's quick to agree to come into our truck and enjoy a massage of her own.

20 years old and a tourist, Olivia seems particularly impressed by features of our truck. Of course, in order to get a massage, we need her to change out of her outfit into a bra and panty set. While our crewmembers turn around to give this blonde woman some privacy, our camera is still rolling, and you'll get to discreetly watch as she removes every piece of her clothing with the expectation of privacy.

Once this blonde woman has changed into our massage clothes, it's time for the massage! With our crewmember playing the masseuse for her rub down, you'll get to watch as his skilled hands touch all along her supple body. Unlike some of our other massage clients, Olivia seems extremely comfortable with her body and is even comfortable removing her bra and panties to get a better butt and back massage! Don't worry - we provide some of the best camera angles for you to watch as he touches her curvaceous bum. Such a confident woman, Olivia doesn't even blink when tourists come up right next to the van to seemingly look onto her naked body.

After such a relaxing massage, it isn't long until Olivia is enjoying a pussy massage as well. Just to show how thankful she is, her hand reaches down the front of his sweatpants as she enjoys him at the same time. Soon, the attention is solely on her as she feels his hands and mouth on her most sensitive areas. Though she enjoys the attention, it isn't long until she's choosing to return the favor as she slips his hard length into her mouth for a messy blowjob as he hits her g-spot with his talented fingers.

It doesn't take long until they both want to enjoy each other more fully, and he's laying next to her to slide his full length into her pussy. Sensual and intense, these two lovers start off with a clear attraction to one another as he slips his length into her in different positions as you get to enjoy front row seats while the camera captures all of the action. Gentle quickly turns into rough and intense sex, though, and you'll get to watch as he takes command as well as when she climbs on top and takes it exactly how she wants it. With such passionate sex, the scene ends as he shoots his giant load all over her pussy.

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