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Ria Rodrigez gives an intense blowjob to a stranger

While it rained all morning, we took straight to the streets once the clouds cleared up to find an attractive woman walking down the street that'd be perfect for our truck. After only a little bit of looking, the beautiful Hungarian Ria walks in front of us, and we know we have to find a way to get her to become our latest model. Though Ria won't stop to chat with us, we're determined, and walk alongside this lovely woman while we tell her about our mobile photostudio. A couple blocks later, she finally agrees to check out our portfolio, and our quality surprises her.

Once this slender woman is in our truck, we launch straight in our interview. 23 years old, we learn about Ria's boyfriend, how she keeps her attractive body, what sports she enjoys, the most exciting place she's had sex, what size penis she likes, her favorite sex position, and more. Her personal answers quickly turn into a foot massage, and after developing such a nice rapport with with Ria, when we take out our wallet to pay her to get into her underwear to model for us, she quickly agrees.

You'll get to watch as this beautiful, petite woman strips off each item of her clothing as we take smartphone photos of her beautiful body - and keep the camera rolling for high-definition video! Our latest model is clearly comfortable in front of a camera, and she seamlessly shapes her body into sensual poses in our truck. After such a tease, we want to see more, and our crewmember keeps the bills flowing to get the lovely woman to take off her bra and panties.

Clearly, all of the posing has gotten Ria in the mood for more, and she's soon touching his cock through his pants. The touching leads to more, and our crewmember is soon laying behind this naked woman while he fingers her pussy while she stroking his length. Though Ria constantly looks nervously outside the truck, she's clearly enjoying his attention, and soon wants to repay the favor as she slips his length into her mouth. Our camera gets some of the best angles, and you'll get to enjoy a view of Ria's wet pussy as she pleasures our crewmember.

After jumping into such intense foreplay, it's no surprise that the couple soon moves onto even more as Ria climbs on top and slowly slides his thick length into her tight pussy. Our camera gets some of the best close-up views as you get to watch this beautiful woman's pussy get stretched out over and over in high-definition.

Not satisfied with only experiencing each other one way, this couple alternates between intense sessions of oral sex and fucking. You'll get to watch Ria's mouth filled with cock as saliva drools out of her mouth, and then you'll get to see her legs spread apart as she's filled to the limit again and again. Listen to her soft, breathy moans as this petite woman enjoys the feeling of his shaft stretching her out. Watch this lovely woman get pushed into the bed for intense fucking while she spreads herself open for our crewmember and the camera.

After he's finally had enough, this long-haired woman gets onto her knees in front of him and gives him an intense blowjob until he shoots his load all down her throat.

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