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Roxy Dee aroused with a vibrator moans quietly

Roxy brightens our morning a bit more when we see her beautiful body walking down the busy, public European sidewalk. While she's quick to ignore our initial attempts to chat with her, some perserverance pays off, and we're soon talking to this brunette about her experiences touring the city. With our rapport finally established, we let her know about the free massages we're offering back in our truck.

Roxy agrees to step into the truck to enjoy our talents, and we jump straight into the massage after we explain how the massage will work. Offering to turn around to give her some privacy to strip, we make sure to keep the camera rolling so you get to watch every second of this beautiful brunette. She thinks she's stripping down to her panties in complete privacy, but you'll get to watch as she takes off her clothes exactly how she would at home!

Clearly nervous and new to massages, our crew has to instruct this beautiful woman about how to lay down and cover herself in preparation of her massage. For being so new to massages, though, this lovely woman quickly begins to relax as she laughs and flirts with our masseuse. This clear attraction translates to more as his hands begin to wander closer to her pleasure zones - and she lets them. Even as the noises of the city rush by all around the truck, this beautiful brunette is relaxing under the talented hands of our crewmember.

Once the wand massager comes out, though, there's no more convincing to be done. As our crewmember applies this powerful vibrator to Roxy's pussy, it's clear she's ready and willing for a whole lot more than just a massage! After a lot of play with the wand massager while Roxy trembles beneath its pleasure, the toy is replaced with our crewmember's mouth and fingers as he enjoys her swollen, wet pussy.

She clearly wants more than just fingers and lips, though, and their sensual foreplay quickly turns into fucking in public. Watch as she gets pushed into an exposing position to be filled up entirely with cock. You'll enjoy seeing the orgasmic expressions on her face as she gets filled up again and again. Our crewmember brings out the wand massager for a repeat performance, and you'll love the noises this brunette makes as she's fucked roughly into the bed with a vibrator on her clit. Clearly adventurous and ready for more, you'll enjoy watching this hottie take it all over the back of our truck until he pulls out and covers her swollen pussy with a load of cum.

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