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Taissia Show off her Cocksucking Skills in Public

We have a nice choice of women today on this nice, comfortable day in the city. We pass up a few women, but we certainly can't pass up Taissia as she comes walking across the street in short shorts and stiletto business heels! Though she's a bit defensive at first, our male crewmember is pretty friendly and his charming personality begins to warm her over relatively quickly. Once he showers her in compliments and explains how much money Taissia can make modeling, our newest model blushes and laughs, but she agrees to come into our truck to learn more.

Once this slender Russian is in our truck, she's astounded by the features of our truck. She walks along the perimeter of our truck in those short shorts that barely cover her ass, and then she's happy to jump into taking some photos with us. Not shy in front of the camera, it takes virtually no convincing to get this long-haired brunette to strip off her crop top and expose the black and pink lace bra that has been hidden underneath. Once we ask for more skin, though, Taissia starts to get uncomfortable and starts to pull on her clothing to walk out of the truck.

We're nearly begging to keep her in the truck, but once we pull out our wallet and start showing her some large bills, Tassia agrees to stay. With the change of heart (and extra cash!), she starts pulling back off her clothing. Soon, this lovely Russian is sitting on our bed with her small tits entirely exposed. More cash, and the shorts we've fallen in love with are slipped off as well. With offers of more cash to fulfill our crewmember's dream, this lovely woman is stroking his hard cock through his jeans and then gets on her knees to slip it into her mouth. Though she initially looks outside to make sure no one can see her, she's soon entirely focused on the job at hand as our crewmember grabs her hair and makes sure she gets all the way down. Listen as she gags as he shoves his cock all the way into her throat.

After doing such a great job, he bends this Russian over and licks and touches her bare pussy until he's ready to put it in. Watch as she fingers herself as he slides his length all the way into her wet hole. These two fuck passionately, and you're going to love listening to our newest model as she's stuffed completely full. She definitely has a hot moan and loves to finger herself.

Super flexible from her yoga classes, this lovely girl can get into sex positions we've never seen in the truck before - not to mention, she seems multi-orgasmic! Don't worry - we've captured all of the action in high-definition for you! You're going to love watching her get pounded all over the back of the truck while unknowing people walk around on the sidewalk right outside the truck. As our latest model is so hot, it's no surprise that he can't last forever, and the scene ends as he pulls out and shoots a thick load all over her lower back and ass.

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