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Vinna Reed does it in doggystyle near the park

Vinna makes herself an easy target this morning when we're cruising by the water to try to find the next woman to invite into our truck. Standing and vaping, she's clearly uncomfortable with our introduction, and she soon excuses herself to head to work. However, once we let her know that we're offering a free massage and our studio is parked right nearby, this beautiful blonde begins to open up to us. With a bit more pushing, she agrees to call her workplace and say she'll be a bit late so she can step into our truck and enjoy our offer.

Once she's in the truck, we help her stick to her strict time schedule by jumping straight into the massage. Though she's extremely worried about being seen in our truck, we convince her to stay, and we promise her privacy to change. Don't worry, though: we made sure to keep the camera rolling, so you can watch this blonde while she tries to change her clothing as discreetly as possible. Our crew jokes around while we wait for this beauty to change, but once she's ready, it's all time for business.

Miss Reed lays down facedown on the bed, and she confesses her nervousness. Our crewmember begins to softly talk her and guide her through the first parts of the massage, and she begins to relax - even as tourists walk right by her barely-covered body! In fact, if you love feet, you're going to love watching our crewmember pay very special attention to her beautiful, dainty toes! As he continues to work his way around her body, she allows him to push her tiny underclothing out of the way to expore more of her beautiful skin.

Though Vinna is nervous as his hands trail over sensitive areas, he continues to relax her with conversation and non-sexual touches, and she begins to open up. It isn't long until she's gently spreading her legs, waiting for more of his touch. After he warms her up even more, she sees him straining against his white massage pants, and she unzips his jeans to pull out his length. While she pays dedicated oral attention to his member, her panties are stripped off, and our crewmember makes sure his fingers slip between her folds as well. His fingers soon turn into more, and he uses both his fingers and his tongue to prep her for one of the most memorable sex in public experiences she'll ever have.

Once she's ready, he takes her from behind while she tries to shield her eyes from the tourists who are walking right by the truck. Even after all of her time in the truck, she's still nervous about strangers being able to see her exposed body. As our crewmember continues to put her lithe body everywhere he wants her, she continues to be nervous about people seeing her wet pussy, but she can't help but want and enjoy every second of his fucking. They only stop fucking so she can lick him clean, and he forces her to take him into the back of her throat as she gags.

After she's done a good job of pleasing him with her throat, he wants back into her wet hole, and Vinna has no problem with that. She bends over, and he shoves his huge length into her waiting pussy, and you'll love watching her facial expressions alternate between awe at his thick length and pleasure as he hits the perfect spots. You'll love listening to her try to catch her breath as she fucks herself with all of the energy she can. Our camera captures every second in high-definition to let you watch every second of her experience in our truck.

In fact, you'll love watching as our crewmember pulls out, slips his fingers inside, and roughly hits her g-spot until she has an intense, squirting orgasm! After such an impressive sight, it's no wonder that it doesn't take him long to fuck her again until he pulls out and shoots his load all over her pussy.

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