Alana Moon Shows Off her Lingerie in a Public Erotic Photoshoot

Our day started off on the right note when we found this gorgeous blonde walking along the sidewalk. Dressed to impress in her skimpy black top and skintight jeans, it's no wonder that we had to stop and ask her if she was a model! We quickly learn that her gorgeous appearance can be attributed to her job as a shopping consultant, but she's not very satisfied in her current career path. After learning that, it isn't all that hard to talk her into our truck to learn about making a whole lot more money modeling for us.

Barely 18 years old, it's clear that this gorgeous blonde has never modeled in front of a camera, but she takes direction really well and seems particularly eager to please our crew. While she seems a bit hesitant to start removing layers of clothing, money seems to change her mind pretty quickly, and she's quickly naked in front of our crew as we keep the money rolling. Even so exposed, our newest model seems playful and comfortable as strangers approach the truck and seemingly look onto her slender frame.

The taboo aspect of the shoot seems to be getting to Alana, though, and it isn't long until she's spread out naked on our casting bed with her hand between her thighs. Soon, we're pulling out the large stack of cash necessary to encourage this beautiful woman to cheat on her boyfriend and make an erotic movie with us - on the side of the street while strangers are all around us!

Touching our crewmember's cock quickly leads to licking it, and it isn't long before she's taking him fully into her throat. When our crewmember goes to return the favor, he's certainly surprised to find out how wet and ready she is. With both of them so turned on by their photo session, it isn't long until our slender blonde is bent over on the bed - and it's clear that she's extremely tight! Watch as our newest model moans and takes him to the hilt as nearby trains and people are visible all around them. They fuck gently in various positions until she rides him to the point where he's forced to pull out and shoot his load all over her shaved pussy.

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