Alexis Crystal is cheating on her boyfriend

Though the streets of Prague seem particularly empty this morning, we luck out in a local park where we find the local Alexis Crystal leaning against a park bench and texting on her cell phone. Introducing ourselves with a request for the time, we soon learn that Alexis is waiting for her boyfriend - who seems to have stood her up. We let her know that she could make a bit of money while she waits, and this beautiful blonde is quick to hop into our truck.

Once this beautiful woman is inside our truck, the truck's heater is all the excuse we need to get this hottie to strip off her shoes and her coat. She jumps straight into our photoshoot, though, and Alexis looks just like an angel in her full-white outfit. After watching this playful blonde pose around the back of our truck, we know we need to see more of this woman's bare skin! As we let her know about all of the opportunities she could qualify for if she pulled off her clothing and just wore her underwear, we're in for a new surprise: Alexis confesses that she isn't wearing a bra! With her embarrassment kicking in, our crewmember pulls out his wallet and lets her know that we'd be willing to pay her cash, right now, just to start showing more skin.

Of course, we're practiced at this, and the money does the trick as she nervously glances around the streets around her as she pulls off her shirt. She continues to pose as requested, but she can't help but hide herself on the bed after a bus full of sight-seeing tourists pulls up right next to our truck! Though her nervousness keeps this blonde giggling, she's happy to accept more cash to pull off her pants and lay back on the bed and pull her thong panties to the side.

A bit more giggling, and we have Alexis confessing to the last time she masturbated as she strips entirely nude for us. Standing entirely exposed in the middle of the streets of Prague, it's clear this woman might be open to the idea of public sex as she continues to pose all around the back of our truck. Our crewmember pulls out more cash, and though Alexis can't believe what we're asking of her, we finally persuade her, and this beautiful blonde agrees to spread her legs and try to masturbate for us. She doesn't get to spend much time alone, though, as our crewmember clearly is attracted to her. Though Alexis is clearly shaken the first time our crewmember touches her, she warms up to his touch very quickly, and this blonde is soon laying back on the bed of our public sex truck as he fingers her pussy.

Just as she starts to enjoy his pleasurable hands, her boyfriend shows up right at their meeting spot. You're going to love listening to her nervous swearing as she gets licked out while her boyfriend is standing right outside the truck! A bit more attention from our crewmember, though, and Alexis forgets all about her boyfriend as she drops to her knees to return the favor by sucking him off. Even from their gentle foreplay, the truck begins to steam up, and it becomes a whole lot easier for Alexis to forget that she's cheating on her boyfriend who's just waiting outside.

The blonde clearly wants more, and so she gets bent over to present her pussy and ass for the taking. You're going to love watching the expressions Alexis makes, so we make sure to use our camera to capture every second of her pleasured and surprised expressions as her wet pussy gets filled over and over. Listen to the soft moans of her enjoyment as she grips the bedsheets and enjoys pushing her body up against his again and again. Enjoy watching this hottie get filled in various positions all over the back of our truck - it's clear she loves it, and she puts all of her energy into riding his cock - even when a local transit bus loads up with people right next to our truck! You'll love watching this athletic woman's body tense up as she rides waves of pleasure from the rough pounding she takes all over our truck. Her hot body finally helps him reach his peak, and she sucks him off until he shoots his load down her throat.

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