Pierced Alice Fucks the Erotic Photographer in Budapest

When we first see Alice walking down the busy sidewalk of Budapest, we certainly didn't think she'd look like the kind of woman who would eventually agree to hardcore sex in public! We start up our conversation with an offer to step into our truck for a photoshoot, and when we let this beautiful blonde know that we can pay her and have a professional photographer on board, she agrees to come with us.

The first thing our crewmember notices is her height. Alice is definitely a tall, slender, and athletic woman! This lovely blonde is happy to jump straight into the posing, and as the photoshoot progresses, we learn more about this woman. In fact, she's an avid horseback rider! Our attempt at rapport works well for us, though, and when we let her know that she'll need to remove her jeans and her top to qualify for bikini and lingerie modeling, she agrees easily - stating that it's nothing that she wouldn't show off at the beach anyway. We wish all girls worked with us this easily!

Our photoshoot continues smoothly after that, and Alice continues to be comfortable in her bra and panties as we capture her exposed body right next to the busy streets of Budapest. We slowly work in the idea of erotic modeling - with a mention of how much money she could be making. Though Alice is a little uncomfortable with the idea, after our crewmember opens his wallet and pulls out some cash, she agrees to strip off her bra for our camera. After seeing her natural breasts, we know we need to see more from this playful blonde, and our crewmember pulls out more cash to convince Alice to touch herself while we film her.

She agrees, and it's clear that her own fingers are getting her even more turned on. She confesses that she's single, and she hasn't had sex in a long time. This confession seems to leave her a little more open to work with us, and she's then stripping off her panties to expose her shaved pussy and ass for us. It only takes a bit more convincing and a lot more cash to then convince Alice to try making an erotic video with us – and we're thankful for that!

Once she's agreed, our crewmember jumps straight into the fun stuff, and you'll be surprised by how wet her pussy is when he dives his face into her pussy from behind! His probing fingers and talented tongue only make her even more wet, and you're going to love listening to her juicy pussy as he hits her most sensitive spots! With such an intense start to her time in the truck, it's no wonder that she's soon on her knees on the couch sucking off his already-hard length. She takes time to worship his cock - even while wearing her glasses!

Her holes have been neglected for so long, though, and we want to make sure we give her body every ounce of pleasure possible while she's in our truck, so Alice is soon spreading her legs for his hard length to slide into her drenched pussy. Watch this athletic woman get taken all over the back of our truck in different positions - and we even make sure to show you every angle of this blonde's beautiful pussy piercing! She's vocal about her appreciation, and you'll love listening to her soft moans that get louder when our crewmember hits the perfect spot! Her luscious, natural tits bounce with every thrust, and our camera captures every second of their intense sex session in high-definition visuals for you to enjoy.

After enjoying each other's bodies all over the back of our truck, our crewmember fucks her from behind until he pulls out and shoots his load all over her ass.

Starring:  Alice
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