Amber Deen has Public Sex with the Erotic Photographer

While looking for a new model for our truck, we come across the gorgeous, blonde Amber walking along the street. From Scotland, this beautiful woman catches our eye because of her short, striped dress and slender figure. While she's here on holiday and a bit cautious about spending her time coming into our truck, she quickly changes her mind when we tell her that we'll be paying her.

Once this beautiful woman is in our truck, it seems pretty difficult for her to keep her clothes on! With the warmth of our truck, the hem of her dress keeps slipping up while we're asking her to strike various sensual poses around our truck. With her birthday tomorrow, she seems like she's ready for a bit of adventure, and she's interested in removing her dress when we offer her money to expose herself in our see-through truck. A little bit more money, and you'll get to watch as this gorgeous woman slowly removes her bra to expose her perky breasts underneath.

Soon, Amber is entirely naked inside of our truck while the cars rush by. With a few small tattoos throughout her body, this giggling blonde isn't particularly shy, and she enjoys laying out on our bed and exposing her body for us. Since this beautiful woman is in it for the money, once we let her know that she can make so much more if she'd try erotic modeling, she's definitely open to the idea! We coach her through her first time ever touching herself, and soon, she says she's turned on, and our male crewmember knows that it's time to strike!

Offering her even more to get involved with an adult video, it doesn't take long until Amber is stroking and sucking our crewmember's hard cock. We guess getting paid for it must really work her up because it isn't long until she's pressed up against the wall of the truck and standing on the bed as she takes his cock from behind. This woman isn't gentle, and it seems she loves slamming herself onto his cock again and again in all of the positions she can think of. You'll even get detailed, close-up shots of her pussy and ass as she rides his length. Watch her take him in fully-exposed positions until he pulls out and shoots his load all across her back.

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