Amirah Adara Fucks Doggystyle in Public

When we spot this gorgeous brunette taking a smoke break on a nearby street bench, she's quick to accept a light from us. However, Amirah isn't quite as quick to accept our offer to model for us in our mobile studio. Citing a busy schedule and her soon-to-arrive friend, it takes quite a bit of encouragement to get this slender woman to agree to step into our see-through truck and learn what we're looking for.

Once this 24 year old steps into our truck, though, it's clear that she's sold. She seems enamored with its design, and she enjoys checking out every angle and feature that we've outfitted our truck with. A student local to Budapest, she has a hard time turning down our offer to make some extra money. Happy and giggling all throughout the shoot, this playful brunette seems to get increasingly more comfortable in front of the camera. When our crew wants to see this gorgeous new model in a little bit less clothing, we just have to offer her some money, and she's willing to expose herself - bit by bit.

It doesn't take long until Amirah is entirely naked in our truck. Her shy and playful nature keeps her glancing outside the truck constantly, but it doesn't seem to effect how much she's enjoying it - she's already very wet! She doesn't complain as our crewmember slides his curved fingers and slick tongue inside of her, but she's certainly vocal in an entirely different way! Soon, they're both enjoying each other's bodies as they caress, lick, and touch each other to a background of their soft, breathy moans and the rush of the cars right outside the truck.

While they both enjoy being in the middle of the crowded streets around them, our crewmember slips the cock she's been faithfully sucking right into her pussy. With as loud as she moans, it's amazing that no one outside the truck has noticed! He isn't gentle, and you'll get to watch as the truck bounces up and down right in the middle of the city! He pounds that pussy hard - and in multiple positions all over the truck. You'll also get to watch as she climbs on top and fucks herself with the same amount of intensity! The scene only ends as the two of them can't take anymore, and he pulls out and shoots a huge load all over her pussy.

Starring:  Amirah Adara
Tags:  Blowjob, Brunettes, Cum on Pussy, Doggystyle, Mobile Photo Studio, Sex adventures in Budapest

Date Added: Nov 18, 2016

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