Antonia Sainz and Angel Wicky Touch Each Other's Pussies

This morning, we're all about mixing up our usual routine! The lovely Angel Wicky offers to act as a crewmember for us this morning, and she shows us the magic of a local hook-up cell phone app - which brings her a match with a hot girl relatively quickly! She picked this hottie because her match has never been with a woman before, so she innocently invites her target out for coffee. Little does she know that Angel is hoping for some hardcore sex in public!

Luckily, the chillier temperatures work in our favor at our meeting point, and when we let the bundled up Antonia know that we have a mobile photography studio that's nice and warm, she quickly agrees to bring the date into our studio. A local ballet dancer, she's happy to show us a couple moves, and Angel's playful and flirty personality quickly warms up the newest addition to our truck. She's clearly attracted to the beautiful, blonde Angel, but having our camera filming her makes her too nervous to easily agree to doing more. Angel is clearly a professional at getting nervous girls to agree to more, though, and soon, you'll be watching as Antonia and Angel share a passionate make-out session in the middle of the busy streets of Prague.

In fact, once the tension is broken after their lips have touched, Antonia is clearly more comfortable with her lesbian desires. After remarking about how large Angel's breasts look under her top, our makeshift crewmember is soon offering to let Antonia have a touch, and "have a touch" she does! She's in love with the blonde's large chest, and she can't stop caressing and touching Angel's breasts! The redhead confesses she's always had a fantasy to touch another woman erotically, and of course, Angel can't help but make those fantasies come true!

The women start to shred their clothing very quickly after that, and each woman takes her time as they kiss, lick, and touch every inch of newly-exposed skin. The girls flirt and giggle as the playful foreplay continues. Both women have become much more comfortable in front of the camera, and they enjoy performing and looking at the camera while you watch every second of their time in the truck in high-definition video.

The playful flirtation soon turns into even more as Antonia lays back while Angel spreads the brunette's thighs to lick her pussy. You can see Antonia's pleasure right on her face! After warming up the redhead with her mouth, she wants to let this first-time lesbian experience even more, and she pulls out a realistic sex toy to slide right into Antonia's prepared pussy! Not shy about her pleasure anymore, Antonia is even comfortable directing Angel's talented hands as enjoys the blonde's full attention.

After making sure Antonia has had her fill, the redhead confesses that she wants to lick another woman's pussy. Our female crewmember is clearly happy to oblige! Listen to Angel's soft moans as Antonia experiences her first time with her head between another woman's thighs - this is some hardcore sex in public! This first-time lesbian is a quick learner, and she soon has Angel gasping for breath and cumming all over her talented fingers. You're going to love watching it!

Once Angel is smiling and giggling in the afterglow of an orgasm, she suggests the two of them enjoy each other's bodies in a hot 69 position. Watch these two lick and touch each other's pussies at the same time while the camera captures every second of it! Open to experimentation, some of the sex toys come out, and you'll get to watch these women enjoy pussy licking and vibrators all at the same time! Do you want to watch two stunning women cum again from the powerful vibrations of a sex toy? Then you're going to love watching Antonia and Angel! Their entire scene is straight from your deepest fantasies.

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