Teen Apolonia Lapiedra Fucks the Model Agent in Public

It's a lovely morning when we set out, and we're hoping to find a good woman to invite back into our truck. It's shaping up to be a good day as we see the lovely Apolonia sitting on a park bench by herself as soon as we walk into the park! Our crewmember instantly starts talking her up, and after letting her know that she could qualify for some paying jobs with our modeling agency if she steps into the truck for an audition, we soon have this slender woman inside the walls of our see-through truck. Once inside, she's clearly comfortable in front of the camera, and we get some good shots of her lounging around our truck. But after so much of a tease of her body, we want to see more. We ask for her to take off her top, but she's really uncomfortable with the idea.

Lucky for us, money can solve a lot of problems, and after our crewmember pulls out his wallet to offer her some cash for the piece of clothing, we find that all of her clothing starts coming off quickly - piece by piece. In fact, before we even ask, she's offering to strip off her bra as long as we'll put up the cash. We double the offer, and we ask her to take off her panties too, and we soon have this slender woman entirely naked in our truck. She can't help but constantly giggle and laugh out of nervousness- especially when a couple tries to peek into the walls of our truck! Her nervousness allows her to confess that she's attracted to our crewmember, though, and you know exactly where that's going to lead.

You'll get to watch every second of Apololonia's memorable adventure inside our truck in high-definition video! Enjoy as she sucks him off, moans from pleasure as she plays with a wand vibrator, and gets fucked in so many positions in the back of our truck that you'll lose count.

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