Aurelly Rebel gets a massage on her perky ass

It's a chilly clouded day, but despite the weather, we're out and looking for a hot girl to step into our van. With the chill, though, sooner is better than later, and we're excited to run into the lovely Aurelly. We stop her for a chat and quickly find out she was on her way to a date. What better time than to try and steal her attention? Though she's skeptical of our intentions at first, after we explain that we'd love to give her a massage - in exchange for keeping the camera rolling, she agrees to step into our truck.

This Russian is extremely impressed by the interior of our truck. Though we regularly reassure her that nobody can see her inside the truck, she continually looks around nervously - even going far enough to point out people and trying to catch their attention. We soon ask her to undress, and we promise her privacy as we turn around. We set the camera on the ground to let you watch, however, as this beautiful brunette strips off all of her clothing without knowing that everyone is watching here would be watching her.

Now that she's wearing our grey bra and panties, we begin her massage. Of course, our crewmember begins by warming her up with his strong hands massaging all of the skin along her back. He doesn't stick to her back for long, though, and with his warmed, slick hands, he's massaging the soft skin of her perky ass - and we have some of the best angles for it! Though she seems startled by the sexual change of pace, she doesn't complain, and we zoom the camera into her face to let you watch her sighs of pleasure as his fingers inch closer and closer to some of her most sensitive areas. As he slips his fingers inside of her hole, her cry of "This is not a normal massage!" gets interrupted as she only makes it half-way through the statement before his fingers hit a spot that make her moan and grip onto the bedsheets. Clearly excited from the beginning, we keep the camera at one of the best angles to let you watch and listen to Aurelly's wet pussy as he hits her g-spot over and over.

He wants her to experience his hands in every possibility, however, and our crewmember asks her to turn over so he may massage her breasts and have better access between her thighs. Being on her back opens up possibilities, though, and she flirts with him over the large hardness his pants are clearly showing off. Only a few seconds later, her fingers are wrapped around his length as she pleasures him while he pleasures between her thighs. She pulls him up to her, and his cock ends up entirely down her throat as she lays down on the bed and allows him to fuck her face.

After enjoying her mouth, our crewmember clearly wants to fuck her other holes, and he's soon slipping his length into her wet pussy. Aurelly is clearly a vocal and expressive woman, and you're going to like watching every second that she gets fucked - especially when strangers walk by only a few feet away, looking into the truck, without any idea of the passion that's going on inside! Aurelly loves to grab onto the bedsheets and the wall of the truck when he hits particularly great spots, and she has a body that you're going to love looking at!

Adventurous, this woman loves getting into new positions all over the truck, and she's vocal about how much she loves everything he's doing. You'll watch her breasts bouncing all over as she rides on top. Listen to the erotic noises she makes with every thrust. With such a responsive woman underneath him, he enjoys fucking her until he shoots his load all over her trimmed, wet pussy.

Starring:  Aurelly Rebel
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