Bagheera Seduces Us with her Athletic Body

Talking Bagheera into our truck this morning was a pretty easy task. She's a gorgeous woman, and when we let her know that we could pay her money to step into our mobile photo studio, she's quick to agree. Russian and quite beautiful, she doesn't speak much English - but don't worry: our crew is great about translating what our latest model is saying.

Taking off her jacket seems to put Bagheera straight into a modeling mindset, and she begins to strike poses all over our truck. No wonder she agreed so quickly to model for us - it's clear that she's definitely done this before, and she's clearly in high-demand! Her poses are outright seductive, and this lovely woman clearly knows how to use her body - even while clothed - to turn you on. You're really going to love watching our photoshoot with Bagheera!

Of course, with such an amazing body and modeling talent, we know that we need to see our latest model with a little less clothing. Like a true professional model, she demands payment to show more skin, but we're very happy to open our wallets for her! For every strip of clothing, she demands a hefty payment, but it's entirely worth it when we have Bagheera entirely naked in our truck while the busy streets of Budapest continue all around her.

After we've had our fill of posing this beautiful woman all around the public walls of our truck, we want to see if she'll let us take it to the next level - and she does! When we ask our latest model if she'll lay back on the couch and touch herself for us, she's clearly turned on enough to agree, and she spreads her legs to dip her fingers between her thighs. Clearly not a stranger to her own pleasure, Bagheera seems quite aroused by teasing herself for the camera as she touches herself and happily shows off some of the erotic parts of her body - without being asked!

Her arousal awoken from her naughty exposure in our truck, she's happy to agree to our crewmember's touch as he slides up next to her and begins to caress her smooth skin. His gentle touches quickly turn into erotic ones as his fingers find her pussy and begin to take over the job Bagheera had been doing. As her intensity builds, you'll get to enjoy the perfect vision of this hottie getting finger fucked in the middle of public European streets! It feels so good that she can barely sit still, and with his attention on fingering her pussy, it's no surprise that he almost gets her entire hand inside of her! We promise: you're going to love watching it!

After such an intense fingering, he wants to fill her up with his own length and he jumps straight into fucking this beautiful woman right on our posing couch! With quick breaks to alternate between her mouth and her pussy, she's turned on enough to want to please him however possible! We know you're going to blow your load watching this athletic woman get taken in adventurous positions all over the back of our truck as the city streets move on around them. Vocal and clearly in love with fucking, Bagheera was a great choice to invite back into our truck!

Bagheera continues to fuck intensely until our crewmember rewards her with his load all over her shaved pussy.

Starring:  Bagheera
Tags:  Brunettes, Fingering, Licking, Public Sex, Russian, Sex adventures in Budapest, Street Pickup, XXX Casting

Date Added: Jun 1, 2016

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