Teen Bella Aviva has Hardcore Sex in Public

Since this had been a tough morning for us, we felt like we had lucked out when we saw the gorgeous Bella walking along the street with a short, revealing top. Trying to approach her, however, was another problem entirely. At first, she ignored us and had no interest in talking, but we were perserverant, and she soon turned around to have a short conversation with us. Soon, we're learning a little bit about her. From Budapest, 18 years old, and on her way to meet a friend, she seems open to the idea of modeling. As we shower her in compliments, she seems even more interested in hopping into our truck and doing her first casting call.

If you love listening to a gorgeous woman speak a foreign language, you're going to fall in love with Bella. Without a good grasp on English, you'll get to listen as she speaks in her native language and we translate for you. Despite her grasp of English, however, she still does a fantastic job of listening to our posing instructions as we walk her through positions designed to put her body on display just for you! With a long, high-waisted black maxi skirt and a crop top speghetti top that leaves little to the imagination, you're going to enjoy seeing her tease and enchant you.

Still, this woman is a shy 18 year old, and it takes a bit more convincing to get her to start to remove clothing. Gently coaxing her out of her shyness, she finally agrees to take off her skimpy top when we begin to hand her the cash. Blessed with a large chest, we continue to take photos and offer her cash as she strips off each piece of her clothing just for us to see. Her shyness comes through in every pose, though - esepcially as she's constantly looking outside the window to see if anyone can see her exposed body.

Watch as you get front row seats to her entire naked body as she poses for us. Soon, after enough convincing, Bella is agreeing to try her first adult video to see if she'd be a good candidate for our jobs. She slides onto her knees in front of the couch to suck on our crewmember's already-hard cock to prove that she would be a good addition to our paying jobs. Once she has everything good and wet, she climbs on top of him to slip his thick length into her tight pussy.

Soon, they're switching positions, and you get to watch as she lies on her back with her legs pressed against her chest as he fucks her roughly enough to watch her tits bounce with every thrust. It doesn't take long until she's taking it from behind, and then the pair moves onto a blowjob where she takes his entire load all over her ample chest.

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