Brittany Bardot Forgets about her Boyfriend's Absense

It's a rainy, wet day this afternoon when we decide to strike out of our truck and try to find a hot woman to help warm us up! Unfortunately, the rain seems to have the sidewalks pretty quiet, and it isn't until we walk around a bit that we spot the lovely Brittany holed up on a bench in an alcove. We approach the lovely blonde, and she's open to chatting with us. She's pretty annoyed that her boyfriend is over an hour late, and she's doing her best to try to keep herself in high spirits. Luckily, we have quite the solution for her! We offer her a seat in our truck as well as a free massage. She's already interested in our massage when we first mention it, but the truck's warm temperature is really what makes her step into our vehicle.

Our conversation with Brittany continues in the truck, and she agrees to enjoy the massage - but she's nervous about all of the cars rushing by during rush hour. We hand her a set of bra and panties and promise her privacy, but don't worry - we kept the camera rolling. She's extremely nervous about all of the people around her, and even as she strips off her clothing, she's constantly looking around at all of the people milling around her. This beautiful blonde ends up entirely exposed in our truck as she strips off all of her own underwear and changes into ours.

She happily lays on her front on the bed and awaits her massage once she's changed. She certainly has a lot to say about our crewmember, though, when he climbs on top of her in a tank top and underwear. She seems nervous enough to leave, but we finally get her calmed down and laying back on the bed. This lovely blonde continually glances nervously at all of the traffic outside, but she's willing to take off her top without much argument when we let her know it'd be better for the massage.

Her gradual openness seems to extend to all parts of the massage, and we're soon taking advantage to start a nice, deep massage on the thickest parts of her ass. Enjoy watching as his hands slide over her ass and squish the skin beneath them. After feeling how tense these large muscles are, our crewmember asks if she'd get on all fours, and Brittany happily obliges to allow for a deeper massage of her stressed muscles. His hands start to slide closer to her most pleasurable areas, though, with the fabric of her grey panties barely hiding the lips of her pussy. It takes very little convincing to allow our crewmember to slide his hands under her panties, and she's soon enjoying the talented hands of our crewmember while positioned naked on the bed.

As he continues his pussy massage, our beautiful blonde clearly is getting in the mood, and she starts to touch his cock through his underwear. Our crewmember soon pulls himself out, and this hottie is touching his cock while he rubs her pussy. This quickly escalates, and Brittany soon has his cock down her throat.

After enjoying her hole, though, our crewmember wants to enjoy her other holes, though, and his cock is soon thrusting into her pussy. Enjoy watching as the two of them explore multiple positions in the back of our truck. Brittany's flexibility works to our advantage, and she can get into some positions we've never done before! Listen to the sounds of their bodies pounding together as they fuck roughly while she moans and gasps in pleasure with every thrust. Her natural breasts bounce as she takes him over and over.

Exhausting her pussy from so much rough sex, he pulls out, and she gets on her knees in front of him to suck off his cock. Our crewmember grabs her hair and forces her into the rhythm that he wants while she gasps for air in between strokes. With such a talented mouth, she slurps and strokes him off until he shoots his load in her mouth.

Starring:  Brittany Bardot
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