Candee Licious gets a free massage

We met Candee Licious on her way to her morning massage appointment. With long, black eyelashes and gorgeously silky blonde hair, we had to stop her when we saw her walking down the sidewalk. At 21 years old with a stunning look that would make models jealous, we managed to talk Candee into coming into our unique truck to experience a pleasurable free personal massage instead.

Once inside, Candee quickly finds a dilemma with the massage clothing we've provided. It doesn't feel very private to get changed when you can see everyone all around the truck! Trying to hide herself with a towel, she attempts to discreetly get dressed in her massage-appropriate clothing. Finally making it into her white bra and panties, our blonde model lays down to enjoy her free massage from our crewmember. She can't help but giggle and blush as she watches all of the people milling around her.

Enjoy watching as Candee receives a very, very thorough full-body massage. Of course, our masseuse can't help but focus on her luscious butt while Candee sighs in relaxation and pleasure. Even as his expert hands are touching her most sensitive areas, she can't help but glance nervously at all of the strangers around the truck. With a giggle, she even remarks that "Everyone's staring at us!"

Even when her masseuse moves onto something harder and thicker to provide Candee with pleasure, our blonde beauty still can't help looking around the truck at all of the people near her. Covering her mouth out of fear that people outside the truck can hear her, she's still constantly leting out little whimpers and moans of pleasure. Even after taking Candee in multiple positions, our masseuse decides to tease her about her nervousness and presses her up against the wall of the truck to take her again. She leaves fingerprints all over the window as her moans and sighs fog up the window pane.

Finally, our masseuse can't hold back from the sight of her hot, lithe body, and he shoots his load all over her bare pussy.

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