Lesbians Clea Gaultier and Sicilia Scissor while Sharing a Vibrator in Public

With Sicilia playing a crewmember for us this morning, we know we're going to hit upon some hot women soon - and of course, it doesn't take long until our blonde crewmember is introducing us to the beautiful Clea. We let Miss Gaultier know that we're going to be giving out free massages in our truck in exchange for filming, and with a morning full of free time, this beautiful brunette is quick to hop into our truck! In fact, once she's in the truck, she's ready to drop straight into wearing only her panties like she's done in her professional massages. She makes our job super easy, and you're certainly going to love all of the beautiful views of her perky breasts and see-through panties that it provides!

Soon the finger vibrators come out, and Sicilia is showing our latest massage client exactly how those buzzing toys can feel on most of her body. It's no surprise that the finger vibrators soon dip between the brunette's legs as Cleo begins to get used to their pleasurable touch. The vibrators soon spread Cleo's thighs fully, and Sicilia chooses to dip her head between the beautiful woman's thighs. With Cleo's pussy shiny and wet, we know she wants more, and our crewmember slides a glass dildo into her hole. You're going to love watching this!

Realizing that Sicilia is open to even more play, Clea wants to return the favor, and her own lips find their way between our crewmember's thighs. You'll even get to enjoy the moaning and pleasure of both women as they share a powerful wand massager while scissoring until they orgasm!

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