Coco De Mal having passionate sex

When we meet up with Coco De Mal that morning, we manage to catch her despite the tight schedule she's on. After we explain the truck and show her how it works, this beautiful raven-haired beauty agrees to step inside and see the truck's magic first-hand. This gorgeous woman lets us know that she's moved to the area to try and find any type of work, and she's happy to sit down in the truck and discuss the opportunity for work with us.

As we explain what we need from this beautiful Serbian, we get to know her a bit better. 23 years old and in love with yoga, Coco has worked as a masseuse and is currently single; she's just looking to explore her own freedom in both her relationships and her work! She's even willing to demonstrate some of her favorite yoga poses for us – and for you! After flushing from the compliments we give her, she wants to demonstrate some of her other skills as she offers to give a massage to one of our crewmembers.

It quickly becomes clear that Coco loves the dominant role as she starts to undress our crew member thoroughout the massage. Heating up herself, she removes her own top to expose her beautiful chest before she continues her massage. By now, it's clear she only has one purpose for this massage - she wants him - and soon. Her full-body massage quickly moves onto a slick, lubricated massage for the hardest part of him, and then she slides his hard cock deep into the back of her throat. To reward her for doing such a fantastic job, he returns the favor as he slips his fingers into her pussy and makes her ride them in a perfect visual that you'll find so hot to watch.

With such intense foreplay, the action quickly progresses as he slips his hard and ready length inside of her. Coco de Mal shows exactly how much she wants it as she roughly takes him in one position before quickly moving onto the next. The Box Truck Sex windows quickly start to steam up as all of the unknowing strangers walk around outside of the truck - completely oblivious to the passionate sex going on inside. You'll be amazed by the stamina that this raven-haired girl has - they fuck forever to the sound of her breathy moans and whimpers before ending the scene as she takes his load in her mouth while stroking him off.

Starring:  Coco De Mal
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