Elektra Wilde Makes her First Public Sex Adult Video

Deciding to try a new way to get women into our truck, we arranged a meeting place for a casting call with a lovely blonde named Elektra. What a treat it was to park behind her and call her up to tell her exactly where we were - and that we were watching her! She confesses that she showed up because she'd like to make better money than her current job, and we lay it directly on her: we're looking to film an adult movie with her. She seems nervous, but once we explain our situation and how much we're looking to pay, this blonde becomes our newest model!

Now that she knows the situation, she's happy to answer all of our probing questions. She exposes her chest when asked, and you'll love the view of her large breasts captured in her white lace bra. Elektra confesses that she's aroused by the idea of having hardcore sex in public as she's stripping off her clothing, and our crewmember jumps straight into touching this blonde and making her feel more comfortable in the truck. His soft, sensual touches turn into more intimate touches until she's on her knees in front of him and sucking him off. Her talented mouth soon gets replaced with her oiled breasts as he slides himself between her large breasts and lets you watch as she enjoys hot, intense, titty fucking.

Titty fucking leads to other kinds of fucking as our crewmember positions himself between Elektra's legs and slips into her pussy. The blonde's big breasts bounce and jiggle with every thrust, and she's so caught up in the pleasure that she forgets that she's fucking only feet away from people walking the European streets! Enjoy as we get you all of the best angles in high-definition video as Elektra makes her first porn video!

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