MILF Elen Million has Sex in Public with the Photographer

After hanging around Paris for awhile, we've learned some of the best tourist spots to pick up hot, single women. In the middle of a busy, crowded field, we meet Elen and introduce ourselves while oblivious tourists are all around us. Our pleasant first introductions go well, and with the offer of cash in exchange for a short photoshoot, Miss Million agrees to step into our mobile studio. Little does she know that we're hoping she'll be up for some hardcore sex in public!

Once Elen is getting comfortable back in our truck, we know it's time to take things to the next level, and we offer her more money to strip off some of her clothing. While she's resistant at first, we spend a bit more time convincing her, and we soon have a stunning naked blonde in our truck. It certainly doesn't hurt that our latest model is clearly attracted to our crewmember. With her naked body lounging around our truck, we choose to pull out one of our intense vibrators, and we have this stunning woman squirming with pleasure.

Now that she's turned on and thinking about the possibilities that our truck can provide, our crewmember takes it to the next level by dipping his face between her thighs. This stunning blonde then spends the rest of her time in our truck making orgasmic memories that she won't soon forget! Enjoy listening to her intense pleasured moans as she takes his cock over and over. Watch as she slides his entire length down her throat. The view gets even better as she takes his cock while holding herself up on the invisible walls of our truck!

You're not going to forget Elen's time in our truck anytime soon!

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