Empera Takes Dares while Naked in Public

It's a windy day on the city streets when we see Empera walking along the busy sidewalk. Petite with gorgeously long blonde hair, it doesn't take much convincing to get this woman to step into our truck to get out of the cold.

Once we have her inside, we enjoy getting to know her. A dancer at a night club, she's soon in front of the camera and agreeing to model for us. She even remarks that it isn't all that different from being in front of a crowd for dancing! Though she's comfortable to take off her jacket and shoes, when we ask this long-haired blonde to remove her top, she's not willing to even consider it until we start showing her the cash.

The cash comes out, though, and Empera is willing to pull off her crop top to expose her small, perky breasts. Though she's shy about her small breasts, she quickly grows comfortable in front of the camera as we compliment her figure as being perfect for fashion work. As more cash gets placed on the bed, this petite woman is willing to slide off her skin-tight jeans and expose more of her body for us.

A strong negotiator, Empera isn't willing to strip off her thong panties until more cash is added to her payment. Once it's done, she's happy to slide off her thong as we capture a few shots - and don't worry - we recorded the whole thing as well! Enjoy close-up shots of our newest model's ass and pussy and see some where some of her most-personal birthmarks are!

She's soon taking dares from our crewmember, and when the cash comes out, she agrees to kiss our crewmember on the mouth for at least 10 seconds. He must be a fantastic kisser as the kiss lasts much longer than the required amount, and with more of the bills paid out, she's soon touching his thick length in his underwear as his hands caress between her legs. After so much teasing, she's ready to add even more to his pleasure as she slips his length into her mouth. Though his thick cock doesn't fit all the way into her small mouth, she does her best, and he clearly enjoys her talented mouth.

We're sure the fit will be better in her wet pussy, and she's soon on her back accepting his thick length in her slick hole. Vocal about her pleasure, this long-haired blonde moans with each thrust of his cock. The camera captures the best angles as you get to enjoy her pleasure while also getting to watch her pussy get filled while her face shows her orgasmic enjoyment.

She soon wants to be in control, and our newest model climbs on top. Watch her perky ass bounce with each thrust. Listen to the dirty talk as she's told what a dirty girl she is for fucking right in the middle of the street. Enjoy the view of her long hair sliding along her petite body as she moans with every movement.

With such a nice body to tease him, Empera soon knows he's going to cum, and she gets on her knees in front of him to take his load in her mouth.

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