Eva Berger Strips off her Clothes for Cash

Our afternoon is going a bit slow this morning with very few hot girls to choose from, but when we see Eva walking down the sidewalk, we quickly determine that we're going to try to hit her up. While she's clearly annoyed at first, our crewmember's winning personality starts to win her over and thaw her frosty exterior. Though she's still paranoid about our intentions, the slender woman agrees to step into the truck if she can keep the key to the front door.

A lovely red-headed Russian woman who is traveling in the area, she's puzzled about our truck as it isn't the look she expected from a photography studio. However, we quickly explain how the truck's unique design allows us to take better natural light photos, and she's soon posing for us in her skintight yellow, lace dress. Under the guise of needing to capture her long legs for better fashion promotions, we ask her to pull up her dress - short enough to allow the camera to get a quick up-skirt of this lovely lady's ass - and she's wearing a thong!

We continue to suggest poses for this redhead to get into around our truck as our crewmember plays photographer and captures all of her angles to qualify her for further fashion jobs. Though she's still uncomfortable in front of the lens, when our crewmember's wallet comes out, she's willing to strip off her top for a bit of extra cash. A bit more extra cash, and Eva is slipping off the entire dress for us. Wearing only a thong while people walk along the busy sidewalk, we continue to get some great shots of this redhead.

Wanting to see more from this slender woman, our crewmember's wallet comes out again to add a large stack of cash to her take-home earnings - but only if she agrees to shoot an erotic video with us. She's soon laying back on our truck's bed touching herself for the camera. Now that she's naked and well-compensated, this lovely redhead seems a lot more open to playing, and she leans into our crewmember as he touches her shoulder and compliments her body.

With the heat of this warm day, our crewmember's clothes come off, and then Eva is bending over to take his thick length from behind. Enjoying pushing back onto his cock, our camera captures all of the action as this once-hesitant redhead now gets fucked in our truck! Shortly after starting, though, our crewmember wants to explore her other talents, though, and she takes his cock into her mouth while the city's sirens go on in the background.

After watching her gag on his length, he pushes her back onto the bed and holds her leg in the air as he fills her with his cock. Her soft breathy moans of pleasure make all of our effort to get her naked entirely worth it! Enjoy as this hot girl gets on top and rides cock with her breasts bouncing with every thrust. Watch her pull the sheets of the bed as she grabs at the bedspread as the couple enjoys rough, passionate sex. After such an intense session, the scene ends as he shoots his load all over her back.

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