Frida Sante's XXX Casting

We wanted our time with Frida to get straight to the point, so we start this session with our newest brunette model already sitting cross-legged on the bed inside our truck. Playful and comfortable with herself, we get straight to business with this slender woman. A natural in front of the camera, our crewmember easily poses this beautiful woman right in front of the busy city streets. Constantly smiling and giggling, she's happy to take direction, and don't worry - you'll get to watch all of the action as well!

As the photos continue to get more and more seductive, we realize that it's time to have this lovely woman start showing us more skin. While it's a bit of a negotiation to get her to take off her top and leggings, we finally let logic win our argument as we tell her that she'll only be showing us exactly what she wears on the beach. It's our turn to be surprised as we find out that this petite brunette is just wearing a small, barely-there g-string! No wonder she was shy!

No matter of negotiation is helping us get this wonderful brunette out of her underwear, though - until we bring out our wallet. Once we start peeling off the bills, Frida is soon entirely naked in front of us. Not only do we get more photos of this fully-exposed woman in front of the city streets, but the entire session is recorded in high-definition for you to watch!

Though she claims it's "weird", when we offer her a pile of money to go all the way and make an erotic video with us, she agrees. With such blanket permission, our crewmember quickly moves into caressing her large, supple breasts before slipping his hands into her pussy and reporting exactly how wet this beautiful brunette already is! He changes out his hands for his mouth while this petite woman lays back on the bed and enjoys his talented lips and tongue. He's soon using every part of his body to make her feel great as she spreads her legs apart to make room for the fingers that constantly are hitting her g-spot.

After laying back and enjoying his talents, she wants to show off talents of her own as she gets on her knees in front of him to slide his thick length into her mouth. Enjoy a point-of-view camera angle as she sluprs up and down his cock while keeping eye contact with the lens.

These two are adventurous, though, and it doesn't take long until Frida is face-down on the bed on her knees as she's filled up with his entire length. Watch as our crewmember gives her specific instructions to help her make the best adult video possible. This passionate couple goes straight into another position, and you'll get to watch her breasts jiggle and listen to this brunette moan with each thrust. For those of you who love a woman on top, you'll get to watch this slender woman take it at her own pace too! A master at multi-tasking, she even manages to touch herself while sliding herself onto his length over and over again.

Knowing her hot body is going to finish him soon, she slides off of him and slips his thickness down her throat. The scene ends as he shoots a huge load down her throat.

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