Helena Valentine gets a load over her ass

Our morning is made just a bit brighter when we run across Helena on her walk home. Pretty personable and friendly, this lovely blonde is happy to have a quick chat with us. What woman can turn down a free massage? We talk up our highly-trained masseuse and let this lovely girl know she can have a free massage with no strings attached - all we ask for is to let us film the entire experience! Helena quickly agrees, and we're happy to introduce her to the truck.

23 years old and a student in the area, this slender woman seems excited to get straight to the massage. After changing into the minimal-coverage grey bra and panties we provide for her, she climbs straight onto the truck's bed and gets ready to enjoy a muscle-relaxing massage. Watch his massaging hands touch the soft skin of her thighs, back, stomach, and breasts as she starts to squirm with pleasure. Enjoy watching as our massuese pushes the boundaries near her tits and pussy to warm her up for even more!

It doesn't take long until our crewmember doesn't have to tease anymore. She's soon pulling up her privacy towel to expose her erogenous zones for his touch. She sits up on the bed and watches, with pleasured, labored breathing, as he squirts massage lotion directly onto her shaved pussy and begins to massage her most sensitive area. If you love tattooed blondes, you're going to love Helena! Her scripted thigh and abdomen tattoos are visible throughout most of the scene! With such good foreplay, our crewmember is soon massaging her full, perky breasts as he slips his fingers in and out of her ready pussy. The whole time, people walk around on the busy streets behind them.

After all of the dedicated attention to her pussy, she's wet and ready for more as he slides his entire length into her. Enjoy the soft, breathy moans she gives with each thrust. Our camera gets close to the action as you get to enjoy watching this lovely blonde touch her clit as she gets filled over and over. These two prefer softer, deeper sex, and it definitely shows as they enjoy each other's bodies! He even palms her other hole as he fills her up with his entire length. After such a sexy sight, he pulls out and releases a load all over her ass.

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