Jade Presley tries out a Finger Vibrator in Public

Our crew has a pretty good reason to find a woman quickly this morning - it's freakin' cold out! When Jade strolls through this popular tourist area, our crew quickly strikes. Though Jade only speaks Spanish, our crewmember can translate, and he's great about letting us know what this stunning woman says. We let the beautiful Jade know that we're looking to test out a new product for women, and this curly-haired beauty agrees to step into our truck in exchange for compensation for her time. The brunette is a bit concerned about why there's a bed in our truck, but she begins to relax as we jump into the product testing. Little does she know that we'd love to see her having hardcore sex in public!

Our crewmember straps small vibrators onto his fingers, and he begins to massage her upper body. As she begins to relax into touch, he tries to dip into her more-sensitive areas. Though she's reluctant at first, we agree to pay her for the priviledge of giving her an ass massage - and she finally agrees. Having started with her ass, our crewmember playfully moves closer to her pussy, and through her nervous giggles, Jade finally spreads her legs and allows our crewmember to test out this powerful vibrator on her most sensitive areas.

The vibrator warms her up for more, and Miss Presley moans and enjoys as his face dips between her thighs - even as she continually looks outside at all of the people right next to where she's being eaten out! She's not satisfied with his tongue for long, and she's soon bending over and grabbing the walls of the truck as she gets taken roughly from behind. Still wearing her knee-high socks, this long-haired beauty makes sure to get every ounce of pleasure possible from his cock, and you're going to love watching every second of it in high-definition video!

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