Blonde Jessie Volt gets Fucked in Front of the Eiffel Tower

After our trip to Barcelona, we thought it might be nice for a new change of scenery, so Paris it was! We figured this popular tourist attraction would be full of gorgeous women, and we were right! It doesn't take long until we see the beautiful Jessie walking along the pathway. After we layer a couple compliments onto her, this blonde agrees to step into our truck to qualify for future photography work with us. She just can't believe her eyes once she's inside! She's certainly astounded by the unique design of our "mobile studio".

The photoshoot starts off innocent enough, and it's clear that Miss Volt has had a bit of experience in front of the camera. Comfortable with her body and posing in front of the camera, it doesn't take much until we can't help but open our wallets and pull out some cash to convince this lovely lady to strip off her clothes. She can't believe she's agreeing to it, but when the cash pile grows larger and larger, she continues to agree with our proposal - and we snap photos and capture high-definition video all along the way! You'll even get to enjoy her very-noticeable camel toe as she's stripping off her clothes.

Once this beautiful blonde is naked in our truck, it's no wonder that she can't help but think about all of the hardcore public sex opportunities our bed could provide - especially once our crewmember pulls out a powerful Japanese vibrator! She giggles and becomes embarrassed as her sexual arousal increases, but it's clear she's having fun, and she's up for enjoying herself in the truck! Enjoy watching as this athletic blonde gets licked, gives a giggling blowjob, and enjoys getting fucked right in front of the Eiffel Tower. This is an experience she'll never forget!

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