Julia Roco and Sicilia Play with a Realistic Dildo in Public

After having so much good luck (and irresistible lesbian encounters!) with letting another woman pretend to be part of our crew, we knew we needed to invite Sicilia back to our truck. This morning, despite Sicilia's beauty, we've been turned down by other women many times, and we're finally hoping for a score. Luckily for us, Julia Roco is that score! Waiting for her late friend to show up, the brunette has become frustrated - and now has some free time open! Sicilia introduces herself and offers up a free massage, and our newest massage client takes her up on the offer!

Once she's back in the truck, Sicilia just can't believe that no one can see her! In fact, once she's in her bra and panties and laying on the massage bed, she just can't help but look around her constantly at the buzzing cars and walking people. She's so nervous! Our faux crewmember's hands begin to loosen up the brunette, though, and with time, Julia's bra is unclasped. Sicilia takes things another step further when she straps vibrators onto all of her fingers and runs them along Julia's body. Julia can only imagine exactly how those vibrators will feel on her most-sensitive areas, so when Sicilia slips the vibrators under the brunette's bra, Julia responds exactly how we expected!

Soon, the more-powerful vibrator comes out, and the brunette finds a thick massager between her thighs. Sicilia soon replaces the wand massager with her lips and tongue on the brunette's trimmed pussy, and you'll have to control yourself to not blow your load as you listen to the pleasurable, uncontrollable moans that slip out of Julia's lips. After Miss Roco enjoys the intensity of orgasm, she wants to return the favor, and all of the orgasmic pleasure is now focused on our crewmember.

If you love hot lesbian sex in public, you're going to love watching this erotic massage in public.

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