Sicilia Surprises Tourist Katana with Public Lesbian Sex

Today, we let the lovely, hot Sicilia pretend to be a member of our crew as we head out on the streets to find a cute girl to invite back to our truck. Lucky for us, Katana steps up to our crew and asks for a tourist photo with a local attraction. A lovely woman visiting from China, we're glad we've found a great excuse to chat with her and invite her to come with us!

You're going to be so surprised by the things Katana is willing to do once she steps into our well-equipped truck! First, Sicilia convinces our latest woman to strip off her top for a platonic massage. Once Katana has warmed up to the idea of hardcore sex in public, more of the clothing comes off as our "crewmember" grabs some of our finger vibrators! Teasing touches with these vibrators quickly evolves into a make-out session while you'll get to watch these two lesbians enjoy each others' bodies! Katana is soon lying back in front of the busy city streets as Sicilia practices her oral and fingering skills - and then Katana returns the favor! These two hot lesbians even use realistic dildos and powerful wand vibrators to make sure every second of pleasure in the truck is one they won't forget.

If you love watching lesbian orgasms, you're not going to want to miss a single second of this!

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