Katie Vasquez gets cum facial

When we interrupt this beautiful tourist on her afternoon walk to explore the large city of Budapest, she seems annoyed. However, she quickly warms up to our conversation when we mention our Box Truck. We offer to help her see the sights of the area with our truck, but it still takes quite a bit of convincing to talk this woman into stepping into our truck.

Once this gorgeous Mexican woman is inside, she enjoys learning about the novelty of the truck. After trying to wave at the passer-bys and laughing as they don't wave back, she practically begs us to be able to take selfies to share with her friends. Her request for selfies quickly turns into an impromptu photo session as our crewmember uses her phone to capture her beauty in our truck.

A conversation with this lovely woman quickly turns into talking about how she's never received the type of massage we offer - luckily, we're here to change that! Unlike many of our massage videos, this woman is quick to just lay down on the bed - no massage clothing change required. Watch as this beautiful woman receives a massage while in her street clothes. Soon, the layers of clothing come off as we let her know that the massage will continue to feel better and better when our crewmember has more access to her aching muscles. You'll love seeing her matching floral bra and panties!

It doesn't take long until our crewmember has pushed her white floral panties to the side as he slips his oiled fingers right into her pussy. Showing her how talented he is with his fingers, the panties quickly come off as he continues to hit her g-spot with his curved fingers. After he unzips his pants, she's happy to return the favor, and they enjoy each other's bodies as the world goes on around them outside the truck.

Our crewmember is soon standing on the bed with this slender brunette kneeling in front of him as she takes his hard length into her mouth. Alternating her warm mouth with a stroking fist, she can't help but look nervously outside the truck at the people who should be able to see her. Enjoy watching as she takes his cock in her mouth while kneeling and then while laying on the bed next to him.

After enjoying the pleasures of her mouth, our crewmember wants to enjoy the pleasures of her pussy, and he's quick to slide his length into her waiting, wet hole. Watch her pussy get filled in multiple positions as she nervously glances around at the people all around her. Enjoy her perky breasts bouncing with each thrust. She fucks him in all sorts of positions all over the truck before wanting his thick length back into her mouth. She sucks him off with constant eye contact to our camera as he shoots his thick load all over her face and hair.

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