Kayla Green is cheating on her husband in the magic box

When we saw Kayla Green walking on the sidewalk with her husband where our van was parked, we knew we wanted to offer her a free massage with us. While she and her husband initially turned us down over a concern of time, they came around to the idea, and we were pleased to meet Kayla at the door of our van for her session with our masseuse.

Brazen and bold, our new massage client doesn't seem too bothered by undressing while watching all of the people walk around her. Even when a woman approaches the truck and investigates its strange design, Kayla only seems mildly nervous. Our Russian woman's curvaeous butt peaks out from underneath her massage towel as she lays on the bed to receive her massage from our crewmember.

As the masseuse works his magic, Kayla begins to visibly relax under his skillful hands. When his hands start to linger between her legs, she relaxes enough to spread her legs and fully accept his skillful mouth. As he continues to lick her most private areas, she chooses to return the favor as she uses her perfectly manicured nails to stroke him then moves onto sliding him down her throat as he stands on the bed.

After he's had her fill of her lovely throat, they both move onto the main course: filling her up with his hard length. Not one to play lightly, he fucks her roughly in every position possible as she screams in pleasure - all the while, her husband waits outside the truck on his phone with no idea what his wife is doing inside.

Once they both have had their fill of each other, he releases his load all over her pussy. With a gentle reminder from our crewmember that her husband is getting agitated outside the fan, our freshly-fucked couple gets dressed in a rush while surrounded by the one-way mirrors that have almost entirely fogged up from their passionate session.

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