Teen Kerry gets Wet from Hardcore Sex in Public

Though it takes a bit of persistence to get Kerry to stop and talk to us on this calm morning, our crewmember manages to persuade her - even though Kerry speaks very little English! Luckily, once she's inside the truck, our cameraman speaks the same language, and he's happy to make sure that this beautiful red-head knows exactly what's going on in the truck. Kerry makes our day when she seems like the type of open-minded woman who would love to have sex in public!

We slowly inch this beautiful woman towards the idea of hardcore sex in public with smaller steps, though. First, our crewmember pulls out his wallet and offers to pay her to remove her clothing. He then offers to do a fun, playful photoshoot with her until she loosens up even more. After that, a dare to close her eyes turns into a quick make-out session - which soon leads to a dare to suck off our crewmember. Kerry is more-than-happy to work with us, and unlike many of the women we've seen, it's clear she isn't shy! She makes eye contact with the camera while she takes him deep into her throat and enjoys pleasuring our crewmember while strangers walk around on the streets behind them.

Now that Kerry is warmed up, it's amazing what she's willing to do in our truck! She takes our crewmember's cock from behind, and she even playfully flirts with the idea of interacting with the people outside the truck. She fucks up against the wall of the truck, shaking the one-way mirrors with every thrust, and you'll enjoy watching her large breasts bounce with every thrust too. This hottie even gets into some hot, flexible positions, and she's happy to show off her gaping holes from her enjoyment too. We're sure you're going to love watching every second with Kerry in high-definition video.

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