Kesha Ortega Knows the Price to get her Naked

We're having a nice afternoon, but our day only gets better when we spot the gorgeous, petite Kesha walking down the busy city streets! Quickly getting her attention, we walk along with her. Receptive to what we're offering, we continue to slather this Latina in lots of compliments. Once we explain the type of photography work we do, though, this lovely woman starts to open up even more - after all, she'd love to be featured as a model!

Once we have Kesha back in our truck, she warms up quickly to our requests - including letting us take photos of her gorgeous face and body! She's only been in the area for 3 days, and we're happy we crossed her path. Our jaws definitely hit the floor when she pulled up her jacket to reveal an amazing, large ass that benefits her status as a Latina! You're absolutely going to love seeing it!

It takes a bit of time to get this shy Latina to pull off her jacket entirely and start shedding layers in our truck, but with a bit of cash, we've done all the convincing we need to do. Taking off that jacket reveals an amazing body with a luscious ass and amazing breasts that look just as great as before. If you love thick, curvy Latina women, Kesha is going to be one of the best girls to have walked through our truck's door.

As she tells us her motto is "money is everything", we think we've found the best way to get this woman naked for us! Adding more bills to her pile of cash gets her to take off her bra and panties to see her entire exposed body in the middle of the busy street. More money, and this lovely Latina is dropping to her knees to slip his thick length into her mouth. She's clearly a pro at sucking cock, and you'll get to watch as she touches herself while moaning with her mouth stuffed full of his length.

Still wearing her sexy black stilettos, it doesn't take long until this passionate brunette is climbing on top of him to slip his length inside her. Watch her twerk as she slides his length in and out. Enjoy the visual of her thick, bouncing breasts with every thrust. Listen to how much she enjoys it as she grips tightly onto the bed spreads and moans loudly enough that we're surprised people outside the truck can't hear them!

She loves being fucked, and she loves touching herself. Watch her slender body get twisted into so many sexy positions as she touches her own clit and enjoys all of the action. An active participant, Kesha enjoys directing some of the action as she'll pull his head closer for making out or suggest the next position they get into. After such an intense fucking that the windows of our truck are starting to steam up, he shoots his load all over her back and ass as she twerks throughout his entire orgasm.

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