Kiara Lord is Convinced to Do a Sex Tape in Public

Though Kiara is clearly suspicious of our motives when we catch her walking along the sidewalk, a bit of persistence really pays off, and we're soon having a good conversation with this blonde. Though it takes a bit of convincing, we finally get Kiara to agree to five minutes in our truck for a photoshoot.

Lucky for us, the blonde clearly wants to make some good money, and after a short introduction in front of our camera, we let her know that we can offer her so much more money if she'd be willing to strip off her clothing. Though Miss Lord is clearly still nervous about stripping down in our truck, once we've made her comfortable in her bra and panties, our crewmember pulls out his wallet, and he manages to talk her into complete nudity. Kiara gets entirely exposed in the middle of a public street!

Our crewmember's wallet comes out again, and we're soon offering to pay this blonde even more money if she'd be willing to make a short sex tape with us. We know we've done our job well when she says "yes"! With step-by-step instructions to help her overcome her nervousness, you'll get to watch this blonde suck him off then get fucked. Our high-definition video captures her as she enjoys hardcore sex in public all over the back of her truck - and you can watch!

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