Teen Kimberly Delice Fucks the Masseuse

It's a nice, comfortable day out when we hit the Paris streets on the prowl for a new woman to invite into our truck. Soon, Kimberly walks right by our camera, and we know that we've found the woman to invite into our truck. It takes quite a bit of convincing to get this young blonde to agree, but soon, she's agreeing to our proposal and changing into a set of white massage underwear to begin the massage.

The platonic massage soon starts to take an erotic and playful turn after our crewmember adds finger vibrators to both of his hands. While the vibrators start off outside of her panties, as his fingers massage her thighs, his hands get closer and closer to between her legs. Soon, the vibrators are gently massaging her pussy over her panties - and she seems to love it! As she continues to relax into his touch, our crewmember decides to take it even further, and his face buried between her thighs helps get this young blonde even wetter for hardcore sex in public.

Once she's turned on, you're going to love seeing what she's willing to do. Kimberly enjoys a rough facefucking while our crewmember fingers her pussy. The pleasure turns into more as he replaces his fingers with a thick dildo - and she loves that too! She's even very vocal and expressive as our crewmember fucks her slim, athletic body! If you love watching teen public sex, you're going to love Miss Delice's time in the truck!

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