Kira Queen is giving a footjob in public

Our eyes were instantly drawn to this put-together raven-haired beauty when we saw her walking along the sidewalk. With our male crewmember's friendly personality, it isn't long until he's introduced himself and who we are, and gotten this beautiful Russian to agree to step into our truck. While she was on her way to apply for a job at a local strip club, we offer to help her find a better-paying job instead, and soon, Kira has taken off her shoes and jacket and sat down to chat with us.

With only a week to find a job before she'll have to fly back to Russia if she can't, this gorgeous woman is open to finding a job as quickly as possible. Full business, when we ask her to model some of her pole dancing moves for us, she's quick to ask how much we're going to pay her to see her beautiful body. Fully comfortable in front of the camera once we show her the money, this lovely woman enjoys performing a lovely striptease for us like she was going to do at the club anyway. With gigantic breasts almost bursting out of her feminine pink bra, this slender woman shakes her ass right at the camera as she slips her skintight jeans off of her body.

This curvy woman knows her power, and soon, she's demanding that we pay her even more money just to stand up when we want her to, and she even agrees to let us slip the bill wherever we'd like in her lacey, see-through panties. Extremely confident in her abilities and body, this woman is entirely at-home in our truck as she does another striptease while people walk around on the sidewalk right outside the truck. Soon, this lovely woman is entirely topless and playing with her gigantic tits just for us. Don't worry - you get a front-row seat with our camera.

Throughout the whole shoot, Kira has been enjoying herself, and she's soon laying back on our bed with her legs spread wide to show us how she touches herself. With such a hot show, our crewmember is soon asking to fuck her tits - and with such a generous amount of tits and oil, it's a lovely visual. You're going to love the POV shots. She even slips the tip in her mouth as he keeps her in place using her hair.

The foot lovers out there will love the next scene we have as he uses the oil to slip his hard cock between her feet. She gets into the action by moving her feet and giving him a footjob, and after being so nice to him, he wants nothing more to dive his mouth between her legs - so he does! His loving tongue progresses to an intense g-spot massage, and with her moans and screams, she's absolutely loving it! She soon bends over and massages his cock with her throat, and you even get to watch her luscious tits bounce every time she slides down.

Take a front row seat as she's finally filled up with his hard length from behind. That curvy ass shakes with every thrust, and you'll love watching as they switch it up and you get to watch them fuck in a lot of different positions. The scene ends as he decorates her huge tits with his cum.

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