Kyra Hot gets a Load on her Tits in Budapest

We certainly lucked out this morning when we saw the beautiful blonde Kyra walking down the busy sidewalk streets! Wearing a lovely short floral dress and spring heels, we just knew we had to talk to her. Though she's extremely defensive at first when we stop her on the street, she starts to open up to us once we mention that we're looking to give away free massages. After all, what woman can resist a massage? She can't quite believe that it's free, and it only takes a little bit more persuading to get this woman to step into our truck.

The first thing this blonde does once she's inside our truck is greet our male crewmember who will be doing the massage. Her attraction is clear, and she quickly agrees to enjoy the massage with him doing the touching. We want her to be comfortable, so we ask her to remove her clothing while we turn around to give her the privacy she needs to change. Don't worry! We kept the camera rolling as this 22 year old woman undresses to only her white thong panties.

With a lovely rapport with our crewmember, we begin the massage with a discussion of her tattoos to get her comfortable. If you love the personal story behind ink, you're going to love listening to Kyra! After we learn about the tattoos, we begin the massage, and his hands wander all over her slippery back. Enjoy the view of her thick, curvaceous ass as her thong disappears between her cheeks. His hands roam all over his body and give you some of the best views of her butt, legs, feet, back, and more. Listen as she relaxes into the massage with soft, pleasured moans as he pays attention to all of the sore areas on her body. She especially gets vocal as he massages her thick ass - even choosing to shake it a bit for him!

After he's done with the attention on the back of her body, she flips over to expose her front. A bit shy, she starts off covering her large, curvy breasts, but after a couple jokes to relax her, she removes her hands and starts to feel more comfortable under his hands. After making her feel so comfortable, it's no surprise that she enjoys as his hands move up to her breasts. After a detailed breast massage where you'll get to watch her plump tits slide all over with the massage oil, his hands wander south. She offers no complaints as his hands push her panties to the side and begin to massage her pussy. Her appreciative moans and sighs communicate exactly how much she enjoys as his slides his hands all over her erogenous zones.

He soon takes off his loose shorts to reveal exactly how turned on her hot body has made him. Wanting to enjoy more of her, he slides up her body and slips his length into her mouth. The quick facefucking soon turns into more as he lays her face-down on the bed and slips his length into her pussy. She takes his cock over and over as you'll get the best view of her thick, juicy ass bouncing with every thrust. Her enjoyment doesn't stop there, though, and this couple fucks all over the back of our truck in different positions. The camera captures the high-definition video of her jiggling breasts, slender tattoo'ed body, and thick ass in every position.

Though her body is amazing, he clearly wants to experience more of her holes over and over, and the couple alternates between intense fucking and hot sucking. While she's clearly practiced with a cock in her mouth, he definitely wants more, and he slips his length between those thick titties. She keeps getting fucked, over and over, until he pulls out and strokes himself to shoot a load all over her gigantic breasts.

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