Lady Bug and Angel Wicky having a lesbian experience

This morning's adventure is going to be a little bit different than the norm! One of our female crewmembers wants to go out on the "hunt", so we know we're in for a good morning! Good thing we brought our female crewmember along, though, as she's clearly a pro at making another woman feel comfortable. Though Lady Bug doesn't speak much English, our crewmember does a great job of translating for the camera, and you'll know exactly what's going on. Though our crewmember initially invites our latest model for coffee, she decides the warmth of the truck would be a better fit - it's chilly out this morning!

Once Lady Bug hears about the free massage we could do back in the warm truck, both women step into our truck. Though her friends soon ring her cell to let Lady Bug know they're ready to hang out with her, our latest massage client chooses to ignore the call in favor of sitting down in our bed for her massage. Like all of our massage clients, we hand her a bra and panty set to change into for the massage. Unlike most of the women in our truck, though, Lady Bug chooses to utilize the curtain we hang on the wall of the truck to hide her body from us as she changes. Though the camera continues to record, most of this hottie's body is hidden as she strips naked - but she does continue to flirt with our female crewmember. She even tells our crew about the one time she tried a lesbian experience!

With such a clear and open rapport already going on, it's no surprise that Lady Bug is already smiling before she even lays down on our massage bed. Our crewmember is a pro at massaging our "client's" body, and as she continues to make Lady Bug feel more comfortable, she's able to strip off her bra and pull down her panties. That means the lovely Lady Bug is laying naked on our massage bed as our crewmember gently massages and strokes the plump skin of her butt. Just to see Lady Bug's reaction, we point out the large crowd of people walking right towards the truck, and she can't keep from giggling and hiding her face in nervousness.

The continual joking seems to have made Lady Bug even more comfortable in front of the camera, though. When our crewmember pulls out a vibrator that straps onto each one of her fingers, our latest model isn't even phased - she just begins to sigh in pleasure as our crewmember lets her buzzing fingers run over our model's perky nipples. These buzzing fingers slowly tease themselves closer and closer to Lady Bug's pussy, and after enough of a tease, our massage client opens her legs and waits for the vibrator's touch to hit her most sensitive areas. It doesn't take much moaning and breathing to let our crewmember abandon the pretense, and she's soon holding the finger vibrator right up against Lady Bug's clit while the blonde moans and writhes in pleasure. Clearly, the intensity mounts as Angel doesn't give up, and she brings this beautiful woman to an intense orgasm right on the bed of our truck!

After Lady Bug has enjoyed her orgasm, our crewmember offers our latest model the opportunity to play with another woman's body, and our massage "client" readily agrees! The couple begins to make out, and Lady Bug takes her time carressing and exploring every inch of our crewmember's body. Once our crewmember is entirely naked and her beautiful, exposed body is laying on our bed, Lady Bug puts on the finger vibrators, and she gets to enjoy the experience of pleasuring another woman as our crewmember lays back and enjoys the sensual touches on her trimmed pussy and large breasts. Lady Bug soon strips the vibrator off one of her hands to finger fuck her pussy while using the vibrator on the other hand to pleasure our crewmember's clit. As our crewmember's body tenses in pleasure with every thrust, it's clear Lady Bug knows exactly what she needs to do to get another woman to orgasm. Our crewmember's perky body arches off the bed as she cums from another woman's fingers.

We want to make sure Lady Bug's time in our truck is one to remember, though, and our crewmember pulls Lady Bug to the edge of the bed to hold a powerful wand vibrator up to Lady Bug's clit until the beautiful blonde cums, yet again, on our bed.

With Lady Bug's friends waiting outside, our female crewmember regrettably lets our latest model go after the two of them make-out and tease each other's naked bodies. Our crewmember promises another redevous with the hot blonde as the camera fades out.

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